Police Chief Beats Wife So Brutally She Ends Up In Emergency Room, Gets Paid Leave (VIDEO)

A police chief from New York state who has turned himself in on allegations of beating his wife so brutally that she ended up in the emergency room missing teeth has been given paid leave while facing the charges.

Timothy Wright, the 49-year-old police chief of Carroll, New York in Chautauqua county is alleged to to have attacked his wife on April 5, during an argument over the sale of a motorcycle.

In an interview with police, Christine Wright stated that her husband hit her “so quickly and often” that she did not know if she was being punched or kicked. New York State Police were called to Urgent Care, where Mrs Wright was being treated for for severe facial injuries, including missing teeth and wounds she described as “goose eggs.” Mandatory arrest was only avoided because Mrs Wright refused to pursue charges against her husband, as do so many victims of domestic abuse.

It was only following public outcry from the school at which Christine Wright teaches, that the police chief turned himself in at Jamestown Barracks three months later. He was arrested, charged with third degree assault, and allowed to leave.

The Town Board has also taken the decision to suspend Wright with his part-time pay of $27,000 while a court case takes place, leaving his job open for the duration. Wright will face the charges in court on July 27.

“I believe he will come out victorious,” Carroll Town Supervisor Jack Jones told 7 ABC, “He’s always been a good police chief.”

The decision of Jones and the local government to stand behind Wright did not go down well with townspeople.

“If he’s suspended, the pay should be suspended until they figure things out,” resident Debbie Carlson told 7 ABC.

And it’s not hard to see why taxpayers would have an issue paying the salary of the suspended Police Chief given a filmed joint interview he gave with local reporters Ryan Hedrick and Dave O’Connor when allegations became public in May. In the video, shown below, Wright repeatedly avoids confirming or denying the assault.

Asked to give an account of the incident, Wright states:

“Well, there are personal matters between husband and wife, and family at times.”

When asked if he is denying the domestic violence incident took place, Wright replies:

“I’m not commenting one way or another on whether there was (an incident of domestic violence)”

The interviewers inform Wright that when asked about the incident, his wife did not deny it happened. Instead she stated that she was trying to get her husband help.

“You are the Chief of Police. You’re saying here that you would never hurt your family, your pets and that you’ve sworn to serve and protect – and I believe you. However, does that mean that you are denying that any domestic violence took place?”

And given another chance to state his innocence, Wright again states that he will not comment. It’s hard to imagine a man who had been wrongly accused giving such an ambivalent answer.

“You’re saying you didn’t strike your wife? She didn’t lose a tooth? She didn’t go to urgent care for her injuries?” the investigator pushes Wright to confirm or deny the incident. To which he replies.


His first denial.

Wright is unable to explain how his wife came to be in Urgent Care with her injuries that day. He tells reporters that if they wish to know what happened, they should check the final summation of the New York State Police report, to which the reporters reply:

“They’re saying you hit her with your fist and your elbow.

You had a quarrel over the sale of a motorcycle, and you struck her. Apparently with your first and your elbow. That’s what they’re saying. That’s what sources are telling us.”

The police chief puts the whole matter down to gossip and wanton speculation, without offering a single alternative explanation – likely or otherwise.

For taxpayers in the town of Carroll, July 27 can’t come quick enough.

If you, or anyone you know, is suffering domestic abuse, you can reach The National Domestic Violence Hotline on 1-800-799-7233

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