Christian Pastor Ousted By His Church For Standing Up For Women And Children

Pastor Matthew Becker, a professor of theology at Valparaiso University, had his membership in the church he grew up in revoked recently for what many in his church equate to being convicted of heresy. Becker, it seems, was outspoken about women being able to serve the church and children being taught evolution, two things conservative church president Mathew Harrison disagrees with.

Harrison, recently elected to a second term as the leader of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, has apparently been trying to have Becker ousted for some time with no success. His dreams of squashing any kind of progressive or independent thought have now come true, however, having successfully convinced the church that Jesus hates women and that children need to be kept in the dark about science and reality.

The Kansas City Star reported that they couldn’t reach Harrison for comment on his ousting of logic and reason, but that Harrison has vented about Becker’s ungodly views on his Facebook page:

“I am saying that if my synod does not change its inability to call such a person to repentance and remove such a teacher where there is no repentance, then we are liars and our confession is meaningless.”

Members of the church from as far away as New York weighed in on the issue, with Robert Hartwell, senior pastor at Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville, saying, “We can’t even talk about, which is what makes this so scary.” He was speaking about women becoming ordained in the church.

Becker has been an outspoken proponent for women’s rights to be ordained in the church, saying in a blog post:

“There’s nothing in Scripture that clearly prohibits women from serving,” Becker said. “You don’t need a certain body part to share the love of God.”

Becker took the argument one step further, equating the exclusion of women leaders from the church to “the institution of slavery and the subordination of people of color to whites.”

The church has the same archaic views when it comes to how to teach children. The upper echelon, led by Harrison, has decided that creationism, or the strict adherence to teaching the earliest books of the Old Testament as fact, is the only way to give children the truth. The fact that the Old Testament is full of flaws and unanswered questions seems to make no difference.

Harrison, for his part, represents what the Star called an “ideological shift” to conservatism, something that the Christian right seems to be embracing more and more these days. It seems that to be a good Christian religion you have to revert to the year 325 AD every several hundred years or so and remind people that the people at the pulpit are in control, not them. The practice, started by the Flavius family of Rome at the Council of Nicea, has seen such popular resurgences as the Dark Ages, The Crusades, The Salem Witch Trials and most recently, the dawn of the Tea Party.

Hopefully Pastor Becker realizes how much better off he is now.
Featured image: Wiki Commons