Woman Let Jesus Take The Wheel, Ran Over Grandmother Getting Children Out Of Car (VIDEO)

A nice, Christian lady in Ohio has managed to avoid jail time after letting “Jesus take the wheel” and injuring a grandmother as she was getting her grandkids out of the car.

There are plenty of times at which prayer is appropriate. Church? Go ahead. School? Sure, if it’s student-led and private. Government meetings? Absolutely not. Home? Go ahead. A funeral? It’s probably appropriate. At a baseball game as your team is one run away from a huge win, there are two outs, it’s the ninth inning, and the bases are loaded with the pitcher at bat? You probably should pray. But one time that it is absolutely not OK is when you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle — a lesson 62-year-old Marilyn Perry learned the hard way, as did her victim.

Perry was driving in Bellvue in August 2014 when she struck Pamela Beckham as the 50-year-old grandmother was assisting her grandchildren out of parked car in front of the town library. Police thought that Perry who, according to witnesses, was driving erratically, was on her cell phone or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But she was under the influence of something else — Jesus.

An investigation determined that Perry’s system was clear of drugs and alcohol, and she had not been using her cell phone. Perry says that she had been going through some personal problems and that she had been praying, often with her head bowed in a manner that is absolutely not appropriate when someone is driving a f*cking car through the f*cking downtown area.

“I went and talked to her and she seemed a little skittish,” an unnamed Bellevue police officer told Fox 8. “The idea of her thinking it was OK to take her eyes off the road, especially in the middle of a downtown area, I don’t understand the reason and logic.”

Thanks to Perry’s moment with Jesus, Beckham almost got to meet him. The force of the collision rolled the grandmother onto Perry’s windshield, breaking the glass — and Beckham’s neck.

Apparently, that whole “power of prayer” thing is true, though. Despite the severity of her crime and of her victim’s injuries, Perry will spend no time in jail despite being charged with vehicular assault. Last week, a Huron County Judge granted Perry’s attorney’s request that she be placed in an intervention program in lieu of jail time. She will be on probation for three years and will be required to pay up to $10,000 in restitution to Beckham toward her ever-increasing medical costs. But she’ll be free, despite her willful disregard for the safety of others.

Normally, vehicular assault is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a mandatory license suspension of one to five years.

Darl Beckham, Pamela’s husband, doesn’t quite trust the “prayer” defense. “I don’t believe that for a second, because church-going people are better people than that,” he told Fox 8. “For one, they would have made some sort of attempt to at least see if she was okay, or something; they never have.”

“That is the first time I have heard of it,” a the Bellvue officer said. “But sure, it could be possible but nothing like that was said at the time, but very possible that it could have happened. Praying is not a problem, most definitely do that, that is fine, but do not be taking your eyes off the road, especially putting your head down.”

While Darl Beckham may be on to something, one thing is for certain: If we are to learn anything from this, it is that Jesus is not a very good driver.

Just a few months prior, an Indiana woman made headlines when she was charged with leaving the scene of a crime and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon after she handed the wheel off to her savior and mowed over a motorcyclist. When police apprehended Pridonna Hill blocks from where she ran over the unlucky motorcyclist, she blamed God for her actions. “Out of nowhere God told her that he would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let him take it,” police said. Then she just kept driving.

Just to be clear: Prayer can be a good thing — it provides hope for millions every day. But isn’t it a bit much when we allow people to use their religion to evade jail time when their irresponsibility severely injures someone?

Watch a report on the incident, below:

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Featured Image via Why Evolution Is True/Fox 8