That Time Michael Moore Paid For His Critic’s Medical Premiums Anonymously

Jim Kenefick runs a website called, which is dedicated to hating, blasting and “fact-checking” the Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

It comes as no surprise that conservatives would hate Moore. He took on President Bush and his faulty, illegal wars. He’s taken on the gun lobby and has tackled the growing culture of gun violence. He took on America’s for-profit, morally bankrupt healthcare system.

Kenefick, a conservative, became another victim of America’s healthcare system when his wife was stricken ill. Even though the Moore-hater had health insurance, he was struggling to pay the premiums, which totaled over $12,000.

This may sound like a huge lesson in irony, but no one, not even a conservative who hates Obamacare, should have to pay that much in premiums. Perhaps if Kenefick (and people like him) embraced Moore’s message in his Academy Award-nominated documentary Sicko, instances like this would be seen less and less.

Kenefick’s conservative followers had him adopt a cheaper plan, but even that didn’t alleviate the burden of the wretched premiums that were swamping him.

So, someone came to his rescue. Kenefick wrote on his site:

“Someone e-mailed me and asked if an ‘anonymous’ benefactor could offer to pay my first year’s premiums – $12,000. I opened a whole new account at my bank, waited for it to clear, checked twice with bank personnel to make sure it wasn’t a scam, and waited a full 60 days before spending the money. At that time, I started drawing on it and paying the monthly premiums until it was gone.”

“[The money] was like manna from heaven at that time. … My business was almost dead, my wife was very, very ill, and I was racking up a few little health problems of my own. That money made it possible for us to begin to turn our lives around.”

Just like that, charity had been given to those who were suffering. What good-hearted, pious conservative could have possibly helped this hateful man in his time of need?

Well, according to an independent investigation from NY Daily News, the secret benefactor was none other than Michael Moore himself.

In typical conservative fashion, when Kenefick found out it was Moore who saved his ass, he was ungrateful and spiteful, saying “I knew he was using me,” and that Moore was trying to “make [him] into one of his little puppets.”

So after all this uproar over Michael Moore baiting him, how did he respond to the million dollar question of “why did you take the money, then?” Well….

“I’m not an idiot. I know when to say yes to something, even if the string attached is obvious. What kind of moron turns down a free 12 grand?”

So he hates Michael Moore, he hates the fact that Moore only did this to make him a puppet, but he’ll take his “free” money. Wow, this is almost too much irony to handle.

This is what separates liberal from conservatives. While Kenefick’s conservative supporters did virtually nothing to help, a liberal was generous enough to donate the money to help an individual in need.

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