Pilot Invites Ex-P*rn Star Into Cockpit For Champagne And Cigarettes Because ‘The Plane Flies Itself’ (VIDEO)

An airline captain flying from London to New York has just been sacked for an egregious violation of airline guidelines and otherwise grossly sexist behavior.

Chloe Mafia, a 24-year-old former adult film star and X-Factor reject-turned-millionaire-businesswoman was flying with her Playboy model friend on Kuwait Airways when they were invited by the captain to party in the cockpit with him — breaking guidelines that had been introduced in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Under the guidelines, passengers are not allowed in the cockpit under any circumstances — but those rules didn’t apply to the captain, apparently. Mafia recalled:

“The seatbelt signs had just gone off and a stewardess came and said the pilot wanted us to go to the cockpit.”

Mafia and her friend joined the plane’s “sleazy” captain, and the women were invited to drink champagne, smoke cigarettes and even carelessly press buttons on the plane’s flight deck. All the while, the captain was telling his guests about how he’d had sex with “half the stewardesses,” begged to see Mafia’s breasts (she refused) and invited her to sit on his lap. Mafia recalled the inappropriate encounter:

“They locked the door and the captain introduced himself and said ‘Hi, I’m the naughty pilot’. He said he lets sexy girls in the cockpit, even though he’s not supposed to, because he ‘made the rules’.”

Mafia was taken back by the situation and admitted that the interaction was uncomfortable. Shocked by how irresponsible the Captain was acting, she said:

“He was showing us what each of the buttons did and said we could sit on his knee and wear his pilot’s cap and fly the plane. I pushed something. I don’t know what it did but he said it was fine as the plane flew itself. He was a total sleaze. He was calling us sexy and asked us to call him naughty. You could tell he was getting off on it.”

Photo Credit: Chloe Mafia Instagram

Photo Credit: Chloe Mafia

Three hundred passengers were on this flight, completely unaware that this dangerous and irresponsible security breach had happened.

As the flight went on, the cockpit visitation became even more bizarre. Mafia was able to record a video of the pilot singing renditions of several songs, including The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata” and Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart”, which you can watch below.

Mafia also reported that the pilot was smoking cigarettes, which goes against guidelines set in 2007 that banned smoking on planes. She said, “He started smoking, which I thought was odd, but he said he was the pilot and could do what he wanted. I asked if it was safe as I was worried and he just said people were ‘too fussy’ about safety. I was stunned.” Mafia refused most of the alcohol the captain was trying to load the girls with.


To top the whole thing off, the captain asked the girls if they’d joined the “Mile High Club” and proudly showed them a tie pin that said “Mile High” on it. Fortunately, the captain had a much more responsible co-pilot who took control of the plane during this entire ordeal.

When the flight landed, Mafia made the responsible decision to report the incident. Despite the fact that Mafia is a millionaire and the owner of a very successful webcam business, she was appalled that she and her friend had gotten special treatment and didn’t feel like she should have been privileged by the captain to break airline protocol.

Upon the spread and backlash following Mafia’s story, the sexist and dangerously irresponsible captain has been canned. No one should have been subjected to these circumstances – not Mafia, or the 300 innocent passengers that were on this flight.

Aviation expert Chris Yates verifies Mafia’s concern for the passengers’ safety during the flight to New York. He said:  “This is not something that should be happening. Pilots should not be allowing unauthorized people access to the cockpit. It is in breach of airline rules. Anyone who isn’t a member of the flight crew should not be in a cockpit. To do so puts people’s lives at risk.”

Featured image courtesy of Chloe Mafia Instagram