All The Charts You Need To Prove Donald Trump Supporters Are Uneducated Bigots (CHARTS)

When Donald Trump speaks, stupid people listen. People who have zero understanding of a complex immigration system applaud. Ignorant people with no respect for an evolving society built on the backs of immigrants cheer.

The Donald’s rhetoric is so far-right, so full of hate, and so rife with lies that anyone with even the slightest bit of sensibility would have no choice but to be filled with disgust. The man and his platform are reprehensible in every way, which leads to the question: How is it possible that someone like that is leading the Republican pack for President in the polls?

The answer becomes clear when you take into account the actual statistics of who finds Donald Trump favorable in polls. The Washington Post and ABC News conducted one such poll, and as Janell Ross reported on The Fix, the majority of Trump supporters are white, uneducated Republicans from places where immigrants are likely to live.

I know. it seems obvious, but if you do a little looking around conservative circles, you’ll see a blatant denial of Trump’s minions being the racist dunces that they are, or that his supporters qualify as anything other than “patriotic” Americans from all walks of life. That’s just not the case. It’s safe to say that Trump supporters are people who think we should build a 300 foot electrified wall with steel spikes and a moat filled with fire-breathing dragon-like lizards to keep out the evil Mexican rapists that flock to the borders by the millions. The demographics of people who agree with that position are made clear in this chart:

Source: July Washington Post - ABC News poll

The spikes are at white Republicans with a high school diploma or less. The more educated a person is, the less likely they are to agree with Donald Trump. Go figure.

This next chart shows the answer to the “are immigrants¬†undesirable criminals” question. The majority of people think not, on all fronts. Those who agree with the Donald Trump philosophy can be tracked by the blue bars, and again, it’s a very telling story:


Again, we see that white Republicans with little education are the majority. This chart also expands by region to show that those same white Republicans with little education are more likely to hate if they have more exposure to Mexican immigrants. It’s much easier for the dense to hate what they see as different with their own eyes.

Ross puts the phenomenon of Trump supporters into perspective:

Economic worries as well as anxiety about a shifting cultural landscape have long been hard to separate from this. American immigration policy has even been directly shaped by these forces. And people who face the most direct competition with immigrants for jobs or see large numbers of immigrant workers entering or working in their fields have repeatedly fueled or responded to political movements in the United States that center around concern, fear and or loathing of immigrants.

Well stated and very true. The Donald is building a base of ignorant, bumbling fools that is unsustainable come general election time. Much like the dozen boneheads who sprint to an early lead at every marathon, a couple of miles in they’re walking with hands on hips and winded, while the real contenders stride by, steady and consistent. Not that the clown car has anyone worthy of winning the marathon, but even in that field of idiots, Trump stands out as especially incompetent.

Those charts are great, because they show a pattern of the type of people who support the Donald’s ideals. What about actual Trump supporters? Where do they fit in? Right where you might expect:

The verdict is in, and again, the less educated you are, the more likely you are to support Donald Trump for President.

Featured image: Wiki Commons