Anonymous Publishes Video, Documents Implicating Cops In Sandra Bland Death (VIDEO)

On July 24, the hacker collective known as Anonymous published a string of documents, along with a YouTube video, implicating Waller County, Texas police in the death of Sandra Bland. The video and documents raise important questions about the death of the 28-year-old #BlackLivesMatter activist.

In the video, which is just over seven minutes long, Anonymous points out many of the reasons that the official story, that Sandra Bland killed herself inside a Hampstead, Texas jail, is just not believable.

The video begins by citing the fact that officials claim:

“Sandra Bland, a woman of almost six feet in height, hung from a five-feet wall partition.”

From there, the video goes on to question claims about the role that marijuana supposedly played in Bland’s death, since there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that smoking pot causes people to kill themselves. On the contrary, if Bland was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, as her Texas jailers allege, the available evidence suggests pot would have been more likely to relieve at least some of her symptoms, than to exaggerate them.

In the video, Anonymous claims that Sandra Bland was already dead when officials photographed her for her mugshot. When compared to other inmate mugshots, the photograph of Sandra Bland which was released by police does appear extremely suspicious. In her mugshot, Bland is already dressed in the typical orange prison jumpsuit provided by the jail. This is not the case in typical mugshots taken of other inmates. The video also alleges that Bland does not appear to be standing in her mugshot, but lying on her back.

Watch the video, courtesy of AnonIntelGroup on YouTube below:

(See the supporting documents published by Anonymous here.)

While Anonymous cites the mugshot as a reason to believe that Bland was already dead when she arrived at the police station, revelations surfacing in the past few days raise even more questions about the activist’s death.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bland appeared before a judge the day after her arrest, Saturday, July 11, 2015. A supposed friend of Sandra Bland has also released a voicemail message, which he claims Bland sent on Saturday. A Texas bail bondsman claims he spoke to Bland over the weekend, and that she was arranging to post bail. He also states that he called her mother, on her behalf.

Bland’s sister also says that she spoke to her, following her encounter with police. Shante Needham told the Associated Press that during that conversation with her sister, Sandra Bland said she thought her arm was broken. In the video of Bland’s arrest, which released by Texas police, she can be heard crying out in pain saying:

“You’re about to break my wrist… Can you stop? You’re about to break my mother fucking wrist…”

Then, in a high pitched voice indicative of someone in a great deal of pain, she cries “Stop!”

According to her jailers, Sandra Bland asked to make a phone call at 8:00 am on Monday. She was reportedly found dead an hour later, after somehow hanging herself with a plastic trash bag.

As Anonymous points out in the video above, everything that Texas police and jail workers tell us about her death is questionable, at best. We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the cop who arrested her lied multiple times.

Watch this video, published to YouTube by TWoN, which highlights the many inconsistencies between what actually happened, and what Texas State Trooper Brian Encina said happened.

While we are on the subject of unanswered questions; who is this officer and what is he throwing away, as Sandra Bland’s body is being removed from the jail?

Will we ever really know what happened to Sandra Bland?

The official story of how she died just does not stand up to scrutiny. As a society, we don’t generally accept the statements of the accused as “proof” of their own innocence. Yet when the cops are the accused, many people are willing to do exactly that.

We’re being told that Sandra Bland killed herself in her jail cell. Texas officials are telling us that she hung herself on a five-foot partition wall and she used a plastic trash bag to do it. They also want us to believe that “the pot” made her do it. We have video evidence and the testimony of her sister, suggesting that her arm was badly injured, if not broken. An injury like that would have made this even more impossible than it already sounds.

While there are holes in some of the alternate theories about her death, as well, as a society we owe it to ourselves and to this brave, beautiful woman to keep asking questions and to keep questioning the answers that we’re given.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture, AnonIntelGroup via youtube