Gov. ‘Don’t Say Climate Change’ Scott, Is About To Be Given An Environmentalist Award

Florida’s governor has one of the worst environmental records in the history of the state. Not only has Rick Scott banned state employees from saying “climate change,” but he has also decimated funding for a number of important environmental departments and projects. Even with all of that, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida has decided that they are going to give Scott and award for his “conservation work.” No, this isn’t a joke.

First of all, you have to understand that Florida is quickly expanding in growth. As a resident of the Gulf coast of Florida, I have watched my small city almost double in size over the last 15 years as rural areas become more and more developed. Most of the governors over the last five decades realized that the state has a very fragile environment and tried to protect it — until Rick Scott came along.

Scott does not care about Florida’s fragile ecosystems, and he has proven it over and over again. According to The Tampa Bay Times in just his FIRST year as governor he slashed the state’s five water management districts’ budgets by $700 million. Then he appointed a bunch of developers and land use lawyers to their boards– hardly the kind of people who would vote to preserve land over issuing permits for development.

The imbeciles in the Department of Environmental Protection, who were appointed by Scott, started offering employees bonuses for speeding up permit approval and investigated someone who refused to approve development in the state’s wetlands:

The former deputy secretary ordered the agency’s top wetlands expert to approve a permit that she said would violate state law. After Connie Bersok refused, she was suspended and investigated by the agency.

All of that was in just his first year as governor, so as you can imagine the ensuing years have not been much better. So why is the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida giving him an award? They say it’s because he’s amazing.

The foundation’s chairman and Miami developer Rodney Barreto explained why Scott and his wife were being awarded at the Florida BlueGreen Event this fall:

Governor Scott has been instrumental in helping develop a strong connection between fish and wildlife conservation and traditional outdoors activities like hunting and especially fishing. And our First Lady Ann is an outdoors enthusiast in her own right, dedicated to getting our kids outdoors. Together they provide leadership for effective conservation and youth engagement in Florida.”

What? Seriously?

Apparently Florida’s environmentalists are just as aghast as we are. Alan Farago, president of Friends of the Everglades, told the Miami New Times what he thinks about the award:

“It’s laughable. In terms of the environment, I think he’s the worst governor in modern Florida history.”

Well, when you find out who Rodney Barreto really is, it makes everything a bit clearer. Not only does he chair the Fish & Wildlife Foundation, he also South Florida Super Bowl Committee and is a top lobbyist in the state. He was good friends with Jeb Bush, who appointed Barreto to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, where he served two terms. The New Times reported that he gave a similar award to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam “not long after Putnam infuriated environmental groups with what they saw as Big Agriculture-friendly water reforms.”

So clearly, Barreto is as much of an environmentalist as Scott who obviously hands out these awards as a thank you for destroying the environment, not conserving it.  What a joke.

Featured image via Eye On Miami