Marco Rubio Posts Shamefully Insensitive Tweet About Cecil The Lion (IMAGES)

Marco Rubio just had to do something stupid to stir up some media attention. Heck, why not do what Donald Trump is doing? It seems to be working after all, in the polls. Some of the biggest headline grabbers over the last several days have involved Cecil the Lion being murdered by an American dentist for $50,000. Animal rights activists are outraged that Zimbabwe’s favorite lion was illegally killed so that he could become some dentist’s trophy over his fireplace back in the United States. Rubio thinks he has just the trick to capitalize on this.

The latest poll has Rubio polling at 10 percent among a select group of Republicans surveyed by The St. Petersburg Times, compared with 26 percent favoring Trump. Rubio needs to do something big and now to drum up support. Here’s what he came up with:

Look at all this outrage over a dead lion, but where is all the outage over the planned parenthood dead babies.

Pic via Twitter.

Pic via Twitter.

Nevermind that Rubio’s grammar is lacking. He did forget to add a question mark instead of a period, but that’s beside the point. This is clearly a pathetic attempt to make Marco Rubio relevant again, and at least as his campaign figures, a clever way to tie in abortion and the alleged Planned Parenthood fiasco. Marco Rubio wants everyone to know he’s the real conservative running. Way to show them.

It has yet to be seenĀ if his tactic is going to work. While he is certainly generating some publicity, it’s going to be very hard to outdo “The Donald.” If he rises too much in the polls, Trump will almost certainly pull out all the stops, and will no doubt start a new arms race intended to show who can say the stupidest things the quickest. This is right up his ally. Trump hasn’t even stopped, actually. Every day The Donald is doing something new to edge toward the top in media coverage. Just recently, he announced that Sarah Palin would have a leadership role in his administration.

At least for right now Rubio’s lame Donald-like attempt appears to be backfiring. Rubio is getting hounded on Twitter for his comments. The videos he is referring to by Planned Parenthood, show an employee from the organization sipping wine and eating cheese while allegedly appearing to speak about abortion procedures that doctors use to preserve tissue for research.

Rubio, who has missed several votes in Congress in favor of going to fundraisers and campaign events, is trying to join the likes of Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz, who appear to be in favor of legislation that would strip federal funding for the family-planning agency. That is currently on the table before the Senate goes to recess in August.

It’s very unlikely that this strunt makes Rubio the new Donald Trump. But, at least it wasn’t for a lack of effort. Nice try, Marco.

Featured image via Flickr and Twitter