‘The Daily Show’ BRILLIANTLY Lambastes Pastor Who Feels He’s Facing ‘Discrimination’ (VIDEO)

After marriage equality went nationwide, there are those who feel this in an affront to their religious beliefs. Now, there are even towns across the nation, even in red states, that have gone even farther to adopt anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT individuals. This is devastating news to folks who feel it is their religious right to openly discriminate against others without fear of consequence.

One person who feels he is being discriminated against for his Christian faith is Pastor Randall Christy of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He feels the town passing anti-discrimination laws prevents him from the being the true bigot he wants to be, and he feels this is a violation of his rights as an American.

The Daily Show paid a visit to Eureka Springs and spoke with City Council Member Joyce Zeller about this “obvious” discrimination against Pastor Christy and his church. However, Zeller is quick to dismiss these allegations of discrimination, so it left The Daily Show correspondent, Jordan Klepper, to seek out answers from Christy himself.

Klepper asked Christy what discrimination he is actually facing — asking if he’s black or Jewish — but no, the pastor answers that he’s Christian. To which Klepper points out that Christians only make up a “meager 86 percent of the population.” So, it’s clear they are definitely in the minority. Definitely.

Council Member Zeller disagrees with Christy’s claim that he’s being forced to do anything with his church or that he’s being discriminated against. She points out that the anti-discrimination ballot initiative that passed in the town had nothing to do with churches and they are still able to practice their religion as they always have.  In fact, Christy is still able to hold all public displays of religion including, but not limited to, giant statues of Jesus, public pageants, and openly write about his religious “discrimination” in the town paper.

The pastor goes on to say how allowing gay people to be treated equally among everyone else is ruining his town. However, when asked to provide an example, he came up empty — VERY empty — AWKWARDLY empty.

Truth is, not being able to discriminate against others isn’t discrimination against yourself. Which is exactly the logic trying to be used by Pastor Christy, many politicians, and supposed “Christians” nationwide. Being equal means just that — equal — it doesn’t take away the rights of anyone else.

Featured image via Comedy Central