Deadbeat Duggars Are Begging Fans To Fund Their Lifestyle (IMAGES)

Not content to just go away, the Duggars are now asking fans for money after losing the $25 million salary from their now-canceled reality show and the fact that no one wants anything to do with them.

It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Not that the Duggars are possibly broke, that’s karmic perfection. But that they are begging fans to send them money to bail them out of the predicament they got themselves into. That is what’s pathetic.

As you’ll recall, it all started when news broke in May that Josh Duggar molested five little girls, four of whom were his own sisters. And upon discovering what their son had done, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar helped Josh escape prosecution and punishment for his crimes, and continued to allow a pedophile to live under the same roof as his victims.

The outrage that followed was enormous, and the Duggars only made things worse themselves after repeatedly trying to excuse Josh’s actions while blaming the girls he molested. Pressure caused TLC to actually do the right thing and remove 19 Kids and Counting from the television lineup. In July, they finally canceled it. And conservative lawmakers began to distance themselves from the Duggars as the family only became more of a toxic liability and a complete embarrassment.

But now that their reality show is no more and nobody really wants the Duggars to speak at their events anymore, the Duggars have discovered that in order to make money they either have to get real jobs or swindle the remaining supporters they have left. They apparently chose the latter.

According to OK Magazine, the Duggars openly asked fans to make contributions via their YouTube account claiming that they need the money to add new content.

“Help Duggar Studios make more fresh quality content. Every contribution is helpful, big or small,” the Duggars wrote on their YouTube channel. The solicitation for money was soon deleted after much criticism and mocking.

Here’s images of the Duggar solicitation via Radar Online:



Adding content to YouTube is free, by the way. All you need is a video camera and the Internet. And the types of videos the Duggars post suggest that it doesn’t take much to create content. However, it does leave at least one interesting question. How the hell are the Duggars broke?

They made $25 million a year being followed around by video cameras recording their show for TLC. They also made money from speaking engagements. But now they have so little money that they’ve taken to asking fans to support them financially? Apparently, the Duggars aren’t the fiscally responsible conservatives they have tried to portray themselves as over the years.

Of course, perhaps they wouldn’t need so much money had they just not had 19 damn kids in the first place. The cost of raising a child to adulthood in the United States is $245,000 and counting. Multiplied by 19 means that it will cost Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar over $4 million. Seriously, did they not think this through before deciding to become the faces of the Quiverfull movement?

Surely, the Duggars were smart enough to save their money over the years, and they must have a fat piggy bank to draw from. And if that is the case, they should be ashamed of themselves for asking for money when they have more than what most Americans have. And even if they are broke, it’s hard to actually give a damn since they have been preaching about living a debt-free lifestyle and that people should practice fiscal responsibility like they do. Except that it’s been reported that the Duggars are actually thousands of dollars in debt, face multiple lawsuits, and don’t actually practice what they preach. And the possibility that they are broke is even more plausible when you consider that Jill Duggar and her husband asked fans to fund their “mission trip,” but refused to reveal where they were going and what they were spending the money on. Did mommy and daddy not have enough money to fund such a trip? Or are the Duggars simply trying to avoid spending their own money by getting others to pay for their stuff?

All they have to do now is apply for government assistance, and they’ll add another example of conservative hypocrisy to their list. Can you imagine the furor the Duggars would cause by taking thousands of dollars a month in food stamps from taxpayers after they have joined Republicans in accusing most Americans of being lazy bottom-feeders? There is a solution though. Instead of trying to mooch money from fans or beg TLC to bring their show back, Jim Bob and Michelle should get off their lazy asses and get real jobs to provide for the insanely large family they would not have had if only they had used birth control 27 years ago. Then we wouldn’t be talking about Josh Duggar or any other Duggar for that matter.