Like Father, Like Son: Ted Cruz Defend’s Father’s Racist Obama Rant By Openly Lying About It (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever known a person who isn’t quite right in the head and then met his or her parents and said “This explains everything!” then a guy like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) starts to make a lot more sense. For all the crazy bottled up in the Tea Party Republican’s head, his father is much, much worse.

For a newly elected junior senator, your father’s beliefs probably don’t mean much. Unfortunately, Cruz has much higher aspirations, including one day sitting in the Oval Office. This means a lot more scrutiny, and already his father is becoming a massive liability.

Rafael Cruz is certifiably nuts. The leader of a fundamentalist church that teaches creationism and the sin of homosexuality, the man doesn’t mind letting his toxic political opinions spill directly into his weekly sermons. Churches are supposed to be apolitical if they want to keep their tax-exempt status, but apparently nobody told Rafael Cruz because for years, Sunday has been bash Obama day, can I get an Amen?

That is, of course, when Rafael isn’t whitesplaining the economy to “the average black,” whom he once told a meeting of mostly white Texas Republicans needed to “be educated” so they stop voting for Democrats.

For years, Rafael has hit the conservative lecture circuit with verve. It’s unclear what qualifications he has to speak about any topic – political or otherwise – but Republicans have flocked to his appearances to get a chance to see Ted’s father out-crazy the last thing he said. He hardly ever disappoints. To the delight of many, his main focus is on Obama conspiracy theories. According to the elder Cruz, Obama is no different than Fidel Castro, definitely a Marxist, and possibly a murderer. Oh, and Rafael is an unrepetent birther.

In 2012, Rafael was speaking before a Tea Party rally and in a frenzy screamed that President Obama should be sent “back to Kenya, back to Indonesia.” The crowd erupted in cheers.

The clip is now coming back to haunt Cruz whose own blustering about the president typically takes the form of trying to shut down the government. In an interview with Fox’s Alan Colmes, Cruz was once again forced to defend his father the only way he knows how: Openly lying and blaming the liberal media.

When Colmes mentioned some of the embarassing things Rafael Cruz had said recently, Ted got defensive. Citing the birther example, he fabricated a scenario in which his father wasn’t actually the birther, but the crowd was. No harm, no foul!

“I’m not familiar with what you just mentioned there, but I’ll tell you one of the most often cited examples that gets repeated in the fever swamps of the internet is that my dad has said President Obama should go back to Kenya,” Ted Cruz said on Fox News Radio.

“Well, what actually happened if you go to the video, my father was giving a talk and what he actually said was President Obama should go back to Chicago and someone in the audience calls out ‘back to Kenya’ and my father laughed and repeated ‘back to Kenya’ and kept going and in the context to anyone watching it was obvious that it wasn’t him and immediately the internet turns this into ‘Pastor Cruz says Obama’s from Kenya,’” Ted Cruz stated.

Ted Cruz wants us to go to the video. Let’s oblige him!


As anyone can see, Rafael was not repeating the line from someone else, he said it unprompted. His exact words are:

“We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. I’d like to send him back to Kenya, back to Indonesia.”

The audience sits quietly until after the Kenya line before erupting in cheers. Ted Cruz is a liar.

Cruz talks a lot about President Obama’s “weak” leadership, but what does it say about a man who won’t even stand up to his own father when he says something so monumentally vile?

Feature image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr