Scott Walker Just Got SEVERELY Punked By Pretend Supporters In New Hampshire (IMAGE)

Scott Walker keeps appearing to be not the sharpest tool in the GOP tool box. No, not because he’s a college dropout yet people think he’s still qualified for public office, but because he’s not very aware of what he’s doing, seemingly, ever.

First, he gets pranked by someone pretending to be David Koch. Then, he doesn’t even know how to order a proper Philly cheeseteak. Now, he just got his photo taken with a giant pretend check showing that he is owned by his billionaire pals and donors extraordinaire, the Koch brothers.


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If you can’t see it, the check reads out that the Koch brothers have purchased Scott Walker for the presidency at the sum of $900 million — a bargain, really. And the amount┬áthat the Koch brothers plan on spending for the 2016 election.

The prank happened at Theo’s Pizza in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. Walker was eager to meet potential supporters so he could show the country that yes, look at all these young folks who want him to be president. However, one young man, Tyler McFarland, had different plans. He and Giselle Hart were there holding a sign that was pro-Walker. Although, as the Wisconsin governor made his way up to the pair to take a photo, right as the photo was about to be taken, McFarland flips the sign to reveal the pretend Koch brothers check.

Boom! Where’s Ashton Kutcher? This was an epic Punk’d moment.

Needless to say, Walker was not well-received by everyone in the Granite State. However, I doubt this will deter him from continuing his quest to be the Koch brother approved choice for the White House.

It will be interesting to see what other gaff-filled moments will fill the Walker bid for the presidency. So far, it’s been quite entertaining to watch him get trolled time and time again.

Featured image via Twitter