Right-Wing Jack*ss Bryan Fischer Blames Sandy Hook Massacre On Legalized Abortion (VIDEO)

There’s so much twisted wrong with conservative Christian radio host Bryan Fischer’s logic, though he sits in stark irony as the director of issues analysis for the fundamentalist Christian organization, the American Family Association. On top of the litany of idiotic, prejudice and ignorant statements he’s made over the years, which readers can laugh and shake their fists at, here, only Monday he added to them by saying the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 was a direct result of legalized abortion.

Fischer spoke of the questions people often ask him, listing for example:

“An incident like the killing in Sandy Hook, the cold-blooded killing of those children in their first grade classrooms, how does that happen? Why does God permit that? Why doesn’t God intervene.”

That’s a fair and interesting question, if one believes in God, tackled in another Addicting Info article, here. Read that if you have trouble understanding why and how God “lets” such things happen. In a nutshell, it’s because “God” is not some dude. God is not a person, or a sex, or even a religion. God is everything and nothing all at once. Check out the other article for more on that.

But according to Fischer, those cherished Sandy Hook victims were simply caught in the path of evil run amok “because our sins as a nation have driven God from us.”

And what does he mean by that? Fischer clarifies:

“So as we lift our hands in prayer as a nation, what He sees is the blood on our hands of the 57 million unborn babies whose lives have been taken through abortion. So he can’t hear our prayers because the blood of the unborn cries out to Him and He can’t hear our prayers over the pleas of the blood of the unborn.

“So if we’re once again going to have God hear our plans, we have got to clean up our act, and that’s got to start with abortion.”

Dig that twisted logic. Now, according to Fischer, it is not the merits and soul of the individual that gains God’s favor and grace but the merits and soul of one’s nation. You could be a saint and God would still forsake thee, hard, because the rest of the nation you happen to be living in has legalized women’s rights enough that they have some control over their own bodies, or because everyone is hyper-sexualized and masturbating like jackhammers on a Michigan road, or eats shrimp on the wrong day, or whatever other nonsense the Bible makes up.

Of course, Fischer points out he said something similar directly after the Sandy Hook killings back in 2012, as well.

“We have spent the last 60 years in our culture telling God to get lost, and we wonder why He’s not around when we need him? God’s a gentleman, he will not go where he’s not wanted.”

As if God is Hugh Hefner moping about his mansion with hurt feelings and we’re just a bunch of grumpy bunnies…

Hey, that makes about much sense as abortions causing Sandy Hook, doesn’t it?

Are we gonna split hairs here, dude?



Check out the bible, below:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture