Donald Trump Booed Within First MINUTE Of Fox News Debate (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s night at the first Republican debate started off badly when the most popular of the GOP candidates were asked if any among them would not pledge to support the winner of the primary, and pledge not to run an Independent campaign against that person.

Bret Baier asked candidates to raise their hands if they are not willing to make that pledge, and a lone hand raised — that of orange-skinned disgrace to humanity, Donald Trump.  The crowd erupted in “boos” less than a minute into the inaugural GOP debate as Trump smirked:


“Mr. Trump, to be clear, you’re standing on a Republican primary debate –” Baier began to ask.

“I fully understand,” Trump interrupted.

“…The place where the RNC will give the nominee the nod –” Baier continued, before Trump interrupted again with another “I fully understand.”

“And that experts say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over to Democrats and likely another Clinton,” Baier continued with surprisingly little interruption. “You can not say tonight that you can make that pledge?”

“I can not say I have to respect the person that, if it’s not me, the person who wins,” Trump replied. “If I do win, and I’m leading by quite a bit, that’s what I want to do. I can totally make that pledge. If I’m the nominee, I will not run as an independent.” Trump said that, one way or another, he will win, but he wants to win as the Republican nominee.

Rand Paul jumped into the early debate clusterf*ck. “Here’s what’s wrong — he buys and sells politicians. He’s already hedging his bet on the Clintons, OK?” Paul said. “If he doesn’t run as a Republican, maybe he supports Clinton or maybe he runs as an independent but I’d say he’s already hedging his bets because he’s used to buying politicians.”

“I’ve given him plenty of money,” Trump replied pointedly.

Eventually, Baier broke up the cat fight, explaining that “we’re going to move on.”