Get Your 2015 GOP Debate Bingo Cards Here!

Well, it is time for the presidential debates once again. Every four years, those who seek to become Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America gather from each of the major parties to debate the issues before a live and broadcast audience. There, the people get to witness each candidate lay out their vision for the future, so they might make an informed decision about whom they wish to be President of the United States.

Save, of course, for the last election season, the Republican party’s debates were less about presenting a plan, and more came across as a ridiculous menagerie or circus act. With the antics such as Herman Cain’s “9,9,9” plan, or Michele Bachmann’s lunacy fresh in the collective memories of the nation, and with this election cycle’s crop of GOP candidates appearing to be even more radical and ridiculous, the only way to answer this election season is to resort to satire or mockery.

With this in mind, we were at Addicting Info are proud to present the 2015 GOP Debates Bingo Cards! While not as intoxicating as a drinking game, this is a game which the whole family can play.

So, the rules are straightforward. When a candidate makes a statement related to an entity on the card, you place a marker. Direct quotes are in quotation marks, while more general statements stand on their own. As ever, “My Fellow Americans” is the free spot, as it is now almost conclusive that most if not all of the candidates will open their dialogue using this quote.

We have made ten of these cards to print up, and pass out among your friends and family for the debate. So, grab your bingo market of choice, be it pennies, jelly beans, or stickers, pull up the popcorn, and enjoy the 2015 Republican Debate on August 6th!


Oh, and when you fill a row, be sure to call Bingo!

Featured image via Chitrapa