Texas Judge Sentences Man To Marry 19-year Old GF And Write Bible Verses Or Face Jail (VIDEO)

The stupid in Texas just got that much more stupid. Josten Bundy was forced to marry his 19-year-old girlfriend and write down bible verses or spend 15 days in the slammer for hitting a man in the jaw. While two weeks might not seem like that long a time, as opposed to a lifetime sentence of marriage, the young man figured the stakes were just too high in this instance. Going to jail could mean losing his job. To keep gainful employment, he would have to marry his sweetheart Elizabeth Jaynes with very short notice.

Judge Randall Rogers, of Smith County, has made waves in the past, accusing entire Texas counties of being corrupt. He ordered that the marriage would have to take place within 30 days as a condition of  Bundy’s probation. Several people are questioning his ability to do this, given the likelihood that it would have been overturned on appeal. But, that doesn’t matter now. The couple has already married. While they claim to not regret the decision to be newlyweds, they said that they weren’t able to carry out the wedding with key family members, nor in the way that they would have hoped. The young bride told KLTV:

“It just felt like we weren’t going to be able to have the wedding we wanted. It was just going to be kind of pieced together for a minute, I didn’t even have a white dress.”

Bundy also added:

“My father didn’t get to go, and that really bothers me. None of my sisters got to show up, none of my family members, except my mother grandmother and my nephew. It was such short notice that I couldn’t get it together.”

This is a very awkward sentence for a man who was only standing up for his girlfriend after her ex-boyfriend continued to say derogatory things towards her.

“He had been saying disrespectful things about Elizabeth, so I challenged him to a fight. He stepped in and I felt like it was on and I hit him in the jaw twice.”

Even though the ex-boyfriend didn’t require medical attention, he still pressed charges against Bundy.

“I took matters into my own hands and I know that’s wrong. I know I was raised better, but it happened”.

The judge apparently pounced on the couple’s relationship dynamics because at the sentencing hearing Judge Rogers asked Bundy “is she worth it?”

Bundy’s response was somewhat defiant but very respectful in his tone:

“I said, well to be honest, sir, I was raised with four sisters and if any man was talking to a woman like that I’d probably do the same thing.”

That was all the Judge needed to hear in his mind. At this point, he somehow thought making the couple marry, along with counseling and mandatory Bible therapy was a fair sentencing over jail time.

What is going on in Texas? This certainly isn’t the only crazy thing happening in this Republican, Obama-hating state. A large group of citizens recently formed a Counter Jade Helm effort to prepare for a possible Obama invasion. It’s those good ole’ conservative Christian values that make Texans great. The judge here was just trying to instill further that Texas legacy. A good question, though, is would the judge have done the same thing if the couple were gay? Probably not. In that case, Bundy most likely would have landed in jail, and therapy lessons to match.

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Featured image via video screen capture.