Young Girl Beautifully Outshines Confederate Flag Wavers At #BlackLivesMatter Event (VIDEO)

To mark the anniversary of when Darren Wilson gunned down Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, several cities across the nation have been holding Black Lives Matter events.

At one such event in Johnson City, Missouri, hundreds of people gathered to remember the start of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and honor the boy who started it all: Michael Brown.

There were, unfortunately, some counter-protesters who arrived carrying Confederate flags. These men, of course, said that the flag isn’t racist and just depicts Southern heritage (indeed, a racist Southern heritage). And honestly, what better way to try to prove your point that you’re not racist than to show up at a #BlackLivesMatter event with a Confederate flag — not racist.. at all… nope.

According to WJHL, these men said:

“This flag is not hate, it’s heritage.”

There was, however, one little 9-year-old girl who was there to support #BlackLivesMatter, and she seems to have the message perfectly understood. Which definitely should give us all hope for the future.

Young Patiance Gardner said:

“I really hope racism just stops, and people don’t judge people by their skin color… They’re making sure everybody fights racism and we’re sticking together… Everybody’s God’s creatures.”

Out of the mouth of babes.

It really can be that simple. Truly. It’s just hard for some people to get a concept that “we’re all the same” into their heads.

This young  girl is also correct when she says “we’re sticking together.” As much as these counter-protesters seemingly want to shut things down, or prove that the #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t necessary, they prove with their actions, all the more, that we need to stand up and fight injustice and inequality together.

It will be the future generations who will stomp out the hate, stomp out the stereotypes, and stomp out the ignorance. The only way to combat hate is to shine love, and the only way to cure ignorance is with letting things be known.

Shine on, Patiance. Shine on.

Here’s coverage of the event from WJHL:

H/T – Featured image: Raw Story