Fox Host On Social Security: Stop Giving People Money ‘Just Because They’re Old’ (VIDEO)

Michelle Fields was picked up by Fox News for her ability to contribute to intelligent discussions look pretty on camera for old white men who watch garbage. A Pepperdine graduate, Fields had what looked like a promising career ahead of her as a conservative political pundit until she traded any credibility she had for a minute and a half with Matt Damon, who made a complete fool of her for being totally clueless.

Now a regular panelist on Fox, Fields doesn’t need help being clueless; she seems to have a handle on it. In a recent segment of Eric Bolling’s program Cashin’ In, social security was the hot topic. Bolling turned the stink tank over to Fields, who reminded us just how an education can be wasted when she said:

“I think we should completely eliminate Social Security. I think it’s unfair to young people, they’re taking money from young people who are poor, who could invest and buy a home, and giving it to a lot of people who don’t actually need Social Security…We shouldn’t simply give money to people because they are old.”

Everyone knows old people don’t need money. Old people saved their whole lives. None of them lived an entire existence at or near the poverty level, and certainly none had their savings wiped out when Bush tanked the economy as they were about to retire. If we just let those lazy, no good old people fend for themselves, vibrant and pretty young folk will have more to spend on houses and hip new jeans.

This woman’s cluelessness supports the conservative theory that Social Security is bankrupt, which is a fear-mongering myth designed to push people to believe giving the money we set aside from our paychecks to private firms to manage will save America. It’s a simple philosophy, since Republicans don’t do history, science or math.

Social security is in fact very solvent, and while steps need to be taken to keep it that way 20 or so years from now, it is in no way some sort of bonus cash we “give to old people” who don’t need it. According to the Social Security Administration:

Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 52% of married couples and 74% of unmarried persons receive 50% or more of their income from Social Security. Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 22% of married couples and about 47% of unmarried persons rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income.

The Fox panel offers some other ridiculous talking points on the issue, with faux Democrat Jessica Tarlov suggesting that if wealthy people who don’t need the money would just opt out, Social Security could be saved. That is, of course, ridiculous. First, because as co-panelist Wayne Rogers points out, he’s wealthy and entitled to Social Security, so why shouldn’t he take it? Second, because the issue of Social Security solvency is blown out of proportion and the fixes needed are for 25-30 years from now that have to look a bit past a few people saying “keep it, I’m good.”

It was fairly satisfying towards the end of the video when Juan Williams lets Fields in on a little secret they apparently don’t teach at Pepperdine when he tells her:

“You’ll get old, too, sweetheart.”

Perfect spot for the mic drop.

Watch Michelle Fields make a fool of herself on the issue of Social Security.


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