Michigan Court Rules Gun Nut Parents Can Open Carry In Elementary Schools. What Could Go Wrong?

There is no question that when America has decided that the rights of a few gun lovers usurp the safety of its children, the country has crossed the Rubicon into a whole new level of gun insanity. Unfortunately, a Michigan judge just waded through those very waters.

After a protracted battle between a gun nut parent and common sense, Michigan Circuit Judge Archie Hayman ruled for the former. He found that Kenneth Herman was legally allowed to open carry his pistol into his daughter’s elementary school in the town of Clio regardless of whether the administration or other parents didn’t want him too.

The dad boasted about his legal victory to MLive:

“‘The ruling today does not come as a surprise, the law is the law,’ Herman said after Hayman’s decision. ‘Now that Clio Area Schools have heard the ruling, read the laws and the Court of Appeals case law has been explained to them, I [sic] they stop burning through tax dollars fighting the law and common sense.”

And in a way, Herman does prove one thing — Michigan’s gun laws are insane. They are so lax, in fact, that a guy like Herman has grounds to legally overrule an entire school district’s gun-free policy because “freedom.” Michigan is among a growing number of Republican-controlled states that envision a country where hundreds of millions of “good guys with guns” can take their firearms anywhere — churches, schools, bars, parks, government buildings — to shoot the hypothetical bad guys. Opponents argue that these roving “good guys” can very quickly turn into “bad guys” and adding more guns to a volatile situation won’t help matters. These legitimate concerns are all but ignored.

The attempts by Democrats to carve out exceptions to the “guns everywhere” laws have been stonewalled in the legislature. State Rep. Andy Schor (D) introduced a bill in 2013 that would have prevented individuals from taking guns into schools to avoid this very situation — his bill was killed in committee at the urging of the NRA.

Tales like these shine a light on America’s unhinged gun fetishism. It’s gone way beyond a mere argument about “gun control.” The pro-gun side has moved onto to insisting they get to carry their guns — out in the open — everywhere. In a country that often ignores sexual education because parents find talking to their kids about sex too awkward, it’s hard to believe explaining to your child why their classmate’s dad is parading around his or her classroom with a gun on his hip right at eye level is going to be easy.

And then there are the risks involved. What if Gun Dad drops his gun and it goes off? What if Gun Dad leaves his gun in the bathroom? What if Gun Dad goes from “good guy with a gun” to “bad guy with a grudge… and a gun?

Michigan has decided these are all risks worth having if it means sparing Gun Dad a bit of separation anxiety from his favorite thing in the whole wide world. How long until the state just says “screw it” and follows Alabama’s example by just letting kids arm themselves?

In the meantime, Herman says he can’t wait to start open-carrying in his daughter’s school. And you can bet he’s not the only one. What can go wrong? A whole lot.

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