Jim Bakker Is Back And Pushing Survivalist Goods Because…ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (VIDEO)

Remember Jim Bakker? He’s the televangelist who actually spent some time in prison for bilking his flock. In 1989, he was found guilty of fraud and served five years in prison. He had defrauded over 152,000 people who gave to his Heritage USA park. He also had an affair with church secretary Jessica Hahn and paid her hush money to keep it a secret. That didn’t work out very well for him.

Well, Bakker is back with a new ministry, a new wife and a new grift focus. Now he sells survivalist food. Yep. Because even in the End Times, you have to eat. Apparently, his customers don’t know — or don’t care — that Bakker has already served prison time for using his follower’s faith to rip them off. His survivalist gear ranges from a “fuel-less generator” to “emergency fuel buckets” to buckets of whole wheat. Because Jesus is coming but he’s going to cause droughts, floods and food shortages first.

Bakker has also started appearing on the right-wing shows of such figures as Jon Kilpatrick and having folks like Rick Wiles on Bakker’s own show. Got to broaden that base, right?

On Wednesday, Bakker and Rick Wiles had a chat about a favorite topic of both, the End Times. God, they say, is very irked with us for acknowledging that gays are his creation, too. They had a grand old-time discussing how America will descend into violence and become a scene out of The Walking Dead. Bakker warned:

“New York, Chicago, all of your big cities, will be Hell. The gangs will take what they want. They will kill to take what they want. Then then they will start eating bodies of the people they kill.”

Hmm. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Bakker is trying to whip up fear in an effort to help sell his survivalist gear. Maybe I think that because, as he and Wiles are speaking, survivalist items and their prices appear right on the screen. Fear is what sells these items and fear is what Bakker is selling, as well. The one feeds the other (pun intended).

But here’s the thing; I thought these guys believed in the Rapture. If that should happen (*snicker*) then won’t all the good little pseudo-Christians be up in Heaven? Why would they need these supplies? The Rapture is supposed to occur before the world descends into the zombie apocalypse…er chaos. Why would anyone who expects to be elsewhere need this stuff? Just asking.

Bakker is a grifter, like most of his ilk. These guys prey on the fears of the people who are sad and scared enough to buy their bullshit. They are reprehensible for preying on these people who are, after all, only guilty of misplacing their trust. Sadly, there will always be people who are willing to do so because they let their fears rule them. People like Bakker will always be there to take advantage, as well.

Here’s a brief clip from Bakker’s show via Right Wing Watch. Note the ads (as if you could miss them):


Photo Credit: Screen Capture of Video