Conservative Gun Nut Offers $25,000 To Anyone Who Can Prove Sandy Hook Shooting Wasn’t A ‘Liberal’ Scam (VIDEO)

Joe Jones thinks that the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was staged – and that liberals are responsible for it. Jones, also known as “joejinky” on Reddit, is so sure of this that he is willing to put a $25,000 price tag on it. In a recent video, the Franklin, Kentucky open carry advocate offered a grand 25K cash reward to anyone who could give him “irrefutable proof” that the Sandy Hook school shooting wasn’t a liberal-created conspiracy.

Explaining his theory that the shooting, which killed 20 children and six adults, was actually a production created by “crisis actors” in an abandoned school as a scam for cash, Jones said:

“I believe it was staged. I believe no one was shot, no one was injured, no one was killed. It was all done by crisis actors; a bunch of liberals who got together at a closed down old school which was decommissioned prior to the day of the event. It was decommissioned for asbestos and mold and it had all kinds of issues. And the building was just being used for storage.

But Sandy Hook was fabricated by somebody who decided ‘Oh, we’re going to do a school shooting,’ and all of the fake actors who play out the parts of all of these victims are going to become filthy rich from fools who are sending money to them – millions and millions of dollars.”

Here’s the full video, in which the NRA and Guns Owners Of America member dared viewers to prove him wrong:

To convince him that liberals didn’t fabricate one of the most tragic attacks on a school, Jones wants “irrefutable proof” from the heartbroken parents – in the form of their deceased Sandy Hook victims’ “birth certificate, his death certificate, his medical records, his school records, the family photo albums, photos, videos, I would bring his clothes, I would bring his toys, I would bring everything to that person’s house and say, ‘here is the proof that my son lived and my son died.’”

This wouldn’t be the first time Jones has attacked liberals. You can watch him brag about how he argued with a liberal who thought his carrying of a gun inside a Subway sandwich shop was “ridiculous” here.

Jones definitely has a thing against the left and anyone who supports non-conservative views, and it translates into everything from his views on guns, national tragedies and his dating life. Courtesy of his Plenty of Fish profile, this conservative gun nut wants nothing to do with a lady that doesn’t vote red. He writes:

“Before you tell me your name, tell me who you voted for in the 2012 Presidential race. If you voted for Obama, move along! I know all I need to know about you. If you ever voted for Clinton or Carter or any of the other politicians of their ilk in federal, state or local elections, I’m definitely NOT the guy for you.”

Meanwhile, liberal women everywhere are rejoicing.

Featured image courtesy of Joe Jones (screenshot).