Police State: Cops Break In At 3 A.M., Assault Woman And Search House All Without A Warrant (VIDEO)

What would you do if you were suddenly awakened in the wee hours of the morning by four men? On August 2, Tori Thayer was tested when four members of the Travis County Sheriff’s Department broke into her home at 3:00 in the morning. She was ready to start throwing things at them when one of the officers identified the group and began demanding Thayer tell them where her roommate was. Thayer had no idea. But that wasn’t good enough for these thugs in uniform.

Thayer, who was frightened but knew her rights, pulled out her cell phone and started recording this invasion of her home. She asked the officers for their warrant and was assaulted; thrown to the floor and handcuffed for no reason other than invoking her Fourth Amendment rights. Thayer told Fox7 in Austin — oh, yes it was Texas — about the officer’s behavior. After she was grabbed roughly by the arm…

“… another officer got behind me and put his knee into my back and thrust me to the ground while one stayed on my chest the entire time and handcuffed me. They acted as if I wasn’t even talking, they kept asking me where she was and I had already had complied and told them everything I knew, at that point I was done, I couldn’t do anything and they just wouldn’t listen.”

The deputies were looking for Thayer’s roommate because a family member had called them to request a welfare check. This is certainly something that did not require four officers to break into a woman’s home at 3 a.m., assault her and search her house without a warrant. In fact, to enter a home without immediate assistance being required calls for a search warrant or arrest warrant. These cops had neither.

And — get this — they expected Thayer to find her roommate right then. At 3 a.m. After being assaulted by them. In other words, to do their job for them. Pretty sure that violates minimum wage laws, too.

Thayer has filed a formal complaint against all four of the deputies who violated her civil rights. They are accused with breaking and entering and verbal and physical assault. The sheriff’s department is being evasive, saying that an investigation was underway but:

“… any further statement or publication of evidence in the case, on television or social media, before a thorough investigation is completed is inappropriate and interferes with the integrity of the investigation.”

Sounds to me like the Travis County Sheriff’s Department is afraid of the cleansing power of sunlight. And social media. But Tori Thayer has no such concerns about social media:

“I knew from the moment they walked in there was a very aggressive tone about them and I needed to get this because nobody would ever believe this. I was dumbfounded, honestly I’d never imagine something like this happening to me, I hear it on the news see on my newsfeed … but you never think about it happening to you.”

Here’s the video. It goes dark when Thayer is thrown to the floor but you can still hear what’s going on and it’s pretty ugly. When the video does come back at about 5:00, Thayer asserts her rights and makes sure to get each of the officer’s faces on the video.

I sure hope that I’d have the presence of mind to grab something to record being rudely awakened by cops at 3:00 in the morning. I’d probably start throwing things, too. It makes you wonder, though, what might have happened had Thayer been armed with a gun instead of a cell phone. She would likely be dead.

The roommate, by the way, is just fine.

Featured image via video screen capture