Violent Republicans Attack Peaceful Protestors At Scott Walker’s Iowa Fair Speech (VIDEO)

Liberals are constantly talking about how violent members of the Republican rarty can be when they are confronted with uncomfortable truths, and they proved just how right we are on Monday morning at the Iowa State Fair.

Struggling GOP presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made his appearance at the Iowa State Fair’s Soapbox this morning and flipped out on protestors in the front row. Unfortunately for Walker, those protestors happened to be Addicting Info proprietor Matthew Desmond and two of his friends, Aaron Black and Khalil White.

Matthew explained what happened to him and his friends as they stood peacefully protesting Walker in the front row:

“I was holding up [a] sign, wasn’t yelling at him, but he was screaming at us and his supporters attacked us.”


A picture of the sign Matthew Desmond was holding when he was attacked.

Matthew went on to say:

“We [he and Aaron Black] were both attacked and had our signs ripped up. I kept pulling out more from my pocket and one guy attempted to climb on a hay bale and dive bomb me. They pushed my friend Khalil White, who has a torn meniscus in his knee, and ripped up his sign. Then they pushed me over, at one point, onto a woman in a wheelchair.”

He shared a picture of their main attacker, he can be seen in the picture below:


Picture via Matthew Desmond of Addicting Info

Matthew said that the man attacked him multiple times and tried to physically restrain them, for peacefully protesting a governor that has been nothing short of destructive for Wisconsin. Walker has made it his mission to screw over the working class citizens of his state and he is proud of it!

So what did Walker do while his violent fans attacked peaceful protestors? Why, he yelled at them too!

Walker said:

I will not be intimidated. I will fight for the American people over and over, and over, and over again. We will not back down. We will do what is necessary.”

Walker has never done anything to “help” the American people. He has only hurt them with the Koch brothers’ agenda and big money policies. He claims that they will do what is necessary, does that mean attacking peaceful protestors who are practicing their First Amendment rights? Is that what he feels is necessary?

Sorry, Walker, we don’t want any of what you have to offer.

Watch Matthew’s assault below:

Featured image via Twitter