SICK: Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Want To Personally Counsel Sex Abuse Victims In New Reality Show

They’ve begged for money from fans and whined about their parental responsibilities. Now the Duggar parents want to put sex abuse victims on reality television and give them counseling that they are unqualified to give.

In a sickening new twist on the Duggar child molestation scandal, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pitching a new reality show to TLC in which the irresponsible parents would counsel victims of sexual abuse. The report comes as TLC prepares to air a commercial-free documentary called Breaking The Silence that will feature Jill and Jessa Duggar along with other victims of sexual abuse in an effort to bring the issue into the public eye more than it already is.

But rather than just participate in the documentary and go away, the Duggars apparently want to profit off the suffering of others by spinning the documentary off into a brand new series featuring Jim Bob and Michelle as sex abuse counselors.

Yes, you read that right. According to a Duggar family friend interviewed by Star Magazine, the Duggars are so desperate for money to care for their ridiculously large family that they want to stay on television in any way they can.

“The family can’t afford to not have the show — it is their main source of income, and with a family of that size, without it they’re in enormous trouble,” the source said.

Indeed, when TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars lost the $25 million salary that came with it. Not long after, the Duggars solicited fans for donations on their YouTube account with the promise that the money would go toward creating new videos to post.

And Michelle Duggar has already complained on her blog about how much parental responsibility it takes for her to care for her large litter of kids, lamenting that she stays up super late to get all the laundry done. Apparently, Jim Bob feels household chores and taking care of children is solely women’s work.

So now, the Duggars want a new reality series to rake in more cash for themselves and they want to exploit sex abuse victims to do it.

“They know they have to at least pretend to be sorry about what happened,” the source told Star. And now they want a spin-off where Jim Bob and Michelle would give advice to abuse victims—even though they’re in denial about their culpability in Josh’s crimes.”

As you’ll recall, Jim Bob and Michelle never sought counseling for Josh’s victims. They never sought help for Josh either or reported his crimes to authorities. For molesting four of his sisters, Jim Bob and Michelle sent Josh to a preacher who basically believes that sex abuse is the fault of the victims. They even let Josh live under the same roof as his victims soon afterward. Josh’s parents also covered up the crimes and it wasn’t until this past May when the crimes were discovered and became public knowledge. The outrage, of course, was tremendous as the Duggars were called out for being hypocrites for all the times they claimed that LGBT people were a threat to children.

During their Fox News interview, Jim Bob and Michelle did nothing but make excuses for their pedophile son, at one point writing it off because child molestation is “common” in Christian families.

Of further concern is that the “Christian” homeschool curriculum used to teach the Duggar kids refers to sexual abuse as a gift.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should not be allowed to be anywhere near victims of sex abuse. And they sure as hell shouldn’t be allowed to counsel them or give them any sort of advice whatsoever. They are unqualified to counsel sex abuse victims and they have already proven that they don’t really care about victims as much as they care about protecting predators. The only reason why they want this spin-off show is because they want to capitalize on the child molestation scandal that brought them down and profit off the victimization of others. To do this, they would plaster victims on television by putting them in front of cameras and then give them some sort of creepy religion-based “Christian” counseling that will more than likely do more to damage the victims than help them.

TLC needs to sever their relationship with the Duggar family entirely. In fact, they should cut them from the documentary that is set to air so that victims can share their stories without feeling like they are being exploited by the Duggars as a disgusting ploy for monetary gain and so they can have another platform from which they can spread their poisonous conservative views.

The Duggars should be ashamed of themselves and TLC should be ashamed if the network is actually considering the idea.

Image via Duggar Family Blog