Subway Cuts Ties With Creepy Spokesman Jared Fogle, Twitter Has The Best Response Ever

“Eat Fresh” sandwich chain Subway has not been having an easy time of it since their prized spokesman, Jared Fogle, was exposed as a creepy pedophile who is now pleading guilty to child porn charges. People have been wondering how something like this could possibly escape the bigwigs at the chain – or, more importantly, if it escaped them at all. Is it possible they at least had a suspicion that something wasn’t right with this guy, but because he made them money, they ignored it? Who knows, really. At any rate, the cat’s out of the bag now, and Subway has cut ties with Jared Fogle for good, and announced it via Twitter:

Well, many people aren’t happy with this curt and closed response. After all, plenty of people probably became huge fans of Subway because of Jared Fogle and the fact that he supposedly lost a ton of weight just eating Subway. They have a lot to answer for, and they owe their loyal customers an explanation. Obviously they don’t see it that way, but I’d be willing to bet everyone in their public relations department is sweating bullets right about now, thanks to the flurry of negativity they are receiving after that tweet. Here are just a few twitter responses:

So, in other words, people aren’t happy with the fact that Subway took so long to cut ties with Jared Fogle in light of the nature of his crimes, and many flat-out don’t believe that Subway didn’t know about Jared’s proclivities. Nobody will ever be able to prove that the company knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jared Fogle was into child pornography and buying sex from minors on Craigslist, but certainly there is the suggestion out there that they weren’t completely in the dark.

Well, Subway, you’ve made your bed. Now it’s time to lie in it. You’ve stepped in a pile of shit so big this time it’s gonna be really hard to get out, but not necessarily impossible. However, you only go in deeper when you refuse to actually talk to the public, who you rely on to stay in business, about what has happened here. Hire better PR people, for real, and actually acknowledge the disgust people are feeling at your business, if you want to stay in business.

Featured image via Flickr