Hillary ‘Zero F*cks Left’ Clinton Now Openly Trolling Conservatives Over Those Emails (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is done explaining the intricacies of the private/business email “scandal” that never was and has moved on to trolling conservatives with jokes about the matter – they’re really not happy about it.

First of all, the former Secretary of State and Democrat presidential hopeful, tweeted a joke about Snapchat from her official Twitter account. Mrs. Clinton told the joke at the Democratic Iowa Wing Ding on August 14, saying:

“You may have seen that recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

Conservative media lit up with hysterical rage at the levity Hillary applied to the situation. The Associate Editor of Allen B. West’s media site summed up the outrage when she wrote:

“The fact that Mrs. Clinton is now joking about this outright is perhaps the most bold demonstration yet of her feeling that she’s untouchable by the law. She seems to believe she can continue to violate law after law, lie, obstruct justice and just carry on her merry way to the White House — even making a joke about the attempts to uncover the truth about what appear to be very serious violations of our nation’s national security.

Sadly, so far, Mrs. Clinton has been right in her assessment that she’s untouchable, as she appears to be the one dictating the speed and depth of this investigation so far. This must change — and fast. It’s simply unacceptable.”

But Hillary wasn’t done yet. At a Town Hall meeting in Las Vegas days later, she was again mobbed with questions about the emails. Asked for the umpteenth time whether she had wiped the server or not, Hillary responded:

“What, like, with a cloth or something?”

This was the final straw for many watching conservatives, who took to their columns and Twitter accounts to vent their rage. The Stafford Voice ranted:

“This shows her complete disconnect from the reality and severity in what she did by hosting her emails on a home server. A server that was kept in a bathroom closet.”

As if the location of a person’s personal computer server was of any significance whatsoever. Mine is in the lounge, what does that say about me, Stafford Voice?

Meanwhile, John Sexton over at Breitbart called it “The Shrug Heard Round The World“.

Throughout the furor, Hillary “Zero F*cks Left” Clinton maintains her composure and rides out the storm. Some might suggest those are the kind of qualities that make a pretty decent President.

Featured Image via YouTube Screencap