Parent Finds Her Son’s School District Is Slapping Anti-Abortion Stickers Into Science Textbooks

Moving to a new place can be a bit jarring; there are lots of little differences that you only start to notice once you settle in. But moving from a progressive part of the country to a conservative one is a lot like jumping into an ice bath, because many new residents in Republican-dominated states had no idea that teaching religious and conservative ideology often passes for education. And, as one parent recently discovered, sometimes that means finding anti-abortion stickers in your teenage child’s science textbook.

Suzanne Young took to Twitter in disbelief after her son came home from his high school in Arizona’s Gilbert School District with a disturbing note plastered on the inside of his biology textbook.


The sticker reads:

The Gilbert Public School District supports the state of Arizona’s strong interest in promoting childbirth and adoption over elective abortion. The District is also in support of promoting abstinence as the most effective way to eliminate the potential for unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. If you have questions concerning sexual intercourse, contraceptives, pregnancy, or abortion, we encourage you to speak with your parents.

At this time it should be noted again that this is not meant to be used in a sexual education class; this is for students’ biology textbooks. Discussing the scientific reality of things like birth control and STDs are apparently too much. And in fact, this was the conservative school board’s idea of a “compromise.” They had originally wanted to quite literally cut out the pages of the science book that made mention of abortion.

Last school year, Gilbert’s administrators proposed “editing” the textbook to align it with Arizona’s conservative views on abortion and abstinence. “The cheapest, least disruptive way to solve the problem is to remove the page,” said one board member, apparently unaware that science doesn’t just cease to exist if you hide it.

Several months later, they had second thoughts. For one thing, slicing out pages of copyrighted textbooks is probably illegal. For another, it would have cost a fortune. Instead, the conservative board members decided to utilize a common creationist tactic: stickers that tell students to ignore their own textbooks because of how dangerous it is.

Understandably, Suzanne Young, who clearly values her son’s education and would rather it not be influenced by conservative dogma, wasn’t thrilled with the school’s decision. She NAILED the problems with a series of tweets:

Young isn’t the only one discovering the dangers of “conservative values” in school. Learning what conservatives are pushing on children can often be a terrifying experience for parents who value a good education. Recently, a sexual education researcher sat in on her son’s sex ed class out of curiosity and ended up live-tweeting the surreal mixture of lies, misinformation and outright propaganda that kids endure.

It’s no wonder then that Republican states tend to struggle with things like high STD rates, higher numbers of teen pregnancies, and lower numbers of college-bound graduates. For reasons they can’t quite figure out, letting kids graduate high school thinking Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 5,000 years ago while avoiding STDs through the power of prayer doesn’t typically equip them to be strong college students.

Feature image via Twitter