Kansas Republican Fires State Employee For Not Being Obsessed With Worshiping God

A woman in Kansas is raising hell after the Republican-controlled Secretary of State’s office fired her because she was deemed not religious enough.

In November 2013, Courtney Canfield lost her job after resisting repeated attempts by her Republican boss to make her attend church.

Assistant Secretary of State Eric Rucker constantly insisted that Canfield worship more and invited her to church several times. As an American citizen and human being, Canfield has every right to choose not to attend church and since she isn’t religious, she simply did not accept Rucker’s invitations.

But after realizing that Canfield was never going to become a mindless conservative “Christian” drone, Rucker “emphatically” fired her and “repeatedly” told her that she was being terminated because she wasn’t religious enough to his liking.

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, employees of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Konach are constantly bombarded with invitations to evangelical services during office hours and the service is performed by a fundamentalist “Christian” who sees it as his goal to evangelize all state employees.

The invitation to join the religious service in the office came from Debra Bannister, who was an administrative assistant to Kobach. That service was to be officiated by David DePue, who serves as a voluntary minister with Capitol Commission. His ministry focuses on evangelizing Kansas government leaders.

“Participation in these religious services was by invitation only,” the complaint says. “These invitations were distributed during normal business hours and included a ‘prayer guide’ to be utilized at that week’s service.”

And Rucker was even too cowardly at first to fire Canfield himself. Instead, he approached Margie Canfield, an administrator of the Kansas Republican Party and Courtney’s grandmother, and told her she needed to fire her own granddaughter even though Margie has no authority over the employees of the Secretary of State’s office. After Margie declined, Rucker fired Courtney.

And now, she is slapping Rucker and the Secretary of State’s office with a lawsuit for religious discrimination and wrongful termination.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this month, and frankly, Kansas Republicans should be nailed to the wall for proselytizing in government buildings. Government is supposed to a be a secular place where there is zero bias for one religion at the expense of others. If state employees want to go to church, they certainly can but on their own time and at an actual church instead of in the office. Furthermore, even state employees have freedom of religion and can therefore choose to be religious or non-religious. What they CANNOT do is force their religious beliefs on others, which is what Rucker did. That’s a violation of the First Amendment.

It sounds like Kansas Republicans are trying to organize the state government into a theocracy dominated by conservative evangelicals, and because Canfield declined to be indoctrinated she was cruelly fired. This is what true religious persecution looks like. Let’s hope the judge throws the book at them and declares Canfield the victor.

Featured Image: Left Wing Nation