Stillborn Child Depicted As Aborted Fetus In Desperate New Video By Pro-Life Liars (VIDEO)

The desperation of the pro-life crowd to push their agenda of saving as many fetuses as possible has reached unthinkable proportions. When the videos they’ve been releasing to try to derail Planned Parenthood were proven to be heavily edited loads of crap, the liars of the Christian right did what they do best: doubled down on their nonsense and pushed out another one.

This video is the story of Holly O’Donnell, a woman who had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. O’Donnell was a procurement technician for a biological company that works with some abortion clinics to collect donated fetal tissue.

O’Donnell discusses the techniques used to procure fetal tissue for medical research. Rather than use any sort of medical terminology to describe the job she applied for and took, she tells a horror story from the perspective of a scared child who was traumatized in situations she had no idea she’d be in. Never once does she mention that fetal tissue is donated by the patient, otherwise there is no procurement. Never once does she mention that up between 82-91 percent of abortions occur in the first trimester, when the “baby” is nothing but a mass of cells. There is nothing in the video — full of old footage — that supports any of the claims O’Donnell makes.

Women who choose to terminate a pregnancy beyond eight weeks do so for a number of reasons, but contrary to what these nut cases will tell you, it’s not as a form of birth control. Often times the pregnancy is not unwanted but unviable, or the mother’s life is at risk.

The propaganda the right uses for their religious crusade against women’s rights is always the same: stories of full-grown babies screaming as they’re dissected; pictures of children born of rape or incest whose mother once considered an abortion but changed her mind; most recently, highly edited tapes of technicians talking about “harvesting body parts” when actually the discussion was about the legal procurement, authorized by the patient, of non-viable fetal tissue that could one day save millions of lives.

The latest video takes despicable to the next level. Shortly after Holly O’Donnell discusses a procedure she was involved in, the video shows a pair of cupped hands holding a stillborn, complete with a belly button clamp, that the video represents as an aborted fetus. The picture is, in fact, of the very-much-wanted child of Alexis Fretz, whom she named Walter Joshua.

Alexis posted the picture on her personal blog and said she did not give the group who published it, the Center for Medical Progress, permission to use it. Shortly after ThinkProgress posted the story to its website, the description of the YouTube video was edited to add a photo credit.

Caught red-handed, they had no choice. It seems as though they feel there is no difference between a baby stillborn at 19 weeks and a fetus aborted at the same gestation. The difference is that fetus is statistically not viable or the prospective mother’s life is in danger. In either case, or even just because it’s a woman’s legal and constitutional right, it is absolutely none of anyone else’s business. The other difference is the “born” portion of “stillborn.” That means the doctors and mother tried to save the child, which would be the longshot to beat most longshots, but the child didn’t make it. Yes, you read that right. Once the child was born, still or not, it became that woman’s child, she named him, buried him and still mourns him to this day.

To display a child being cradled lovingly in an attempt to save its life as an aborted fetus to advance your religious agenda is a twisted heap of disrespect for that child, his mother and whatever dignity you may have had left.

The picture of Walter depicted as an aborted fetus is at the 9 minute mark:

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