Anti-Gay Evangelist Christian Vlogger Caught With Ashley Madison Account, Says God Forgives Him (VIDEO)

The one good thing about the Ashley Madison hack is that we all get to see just how hypocritical conservative “Christians” are, and this douchebag is no exception.

As it turns out, Josh Duggar isn’t the only fundamentalist “family values” conservative “Christian” who paid for an Ashley Madison account with the purpose of cheating on his wife.

Popular Christian vlogger Sam Rader, who is most known for a viral video in which he surprised his wife with her own positive pregnancy test before God “staged” a miscarriage that would get them arrested if conservatives had their way, also had an account on Ashley Madison in 2013 despite being a leader of online evangelism who preaches about “family values” and how to be a “good man” to your wife.

As Gawker reports:

Someone using a credit card belonging to a “Samuel Rader,” with a billing address that matches the Raders’ home in Terrell, Texas—a home that is featured in almost every video Sam posts—made several payments on Ashley Madison beginning in September 2013, including two payments of $189. The domain of the email address used to create the account, “”, was registered by Samuel Rader in 2011.

In short, Rader has been revealed as a conservative “Christian” hypocrite who doesn’t practice what he preaches. He got caught and now he has to face the consequences. But he doesn’t think he has to at all.

In a pathetic excuse for an apology that he posted on his YouTube account, Rader casually says that we should all forgive and forget about his disgusting hypocrisy because God has already forgiven him for his indiscretions and he has been “cleansed of his sins.”

“Hey guys,” Rader addresses his subscribers. “As you may have seen, my name has been associated with an Ashley Madison account, a website made for spouses who want to have an affair. I’m here to clarify some of this with you guys, ‘cause I owe it to you.”

“I did make the account. I made the account two years ago. This is an issue that is in our past. This is before I got onto YouTube. I brought this to my church at the time, when I first started at the church that I’m at now; this has been brought to my discipleship partner. This was brought to my wife’s attention. She has forgiven me for this mistake that I made and opening the account. I’ve sought forgiveness to God, and he’s forgiven me. So, I’ve been completely cleansed of this sin, and also, I need to be clear that I’ve never met with a single person face to face through that website, and that I never had an affair with anybody, ever, while I’ve been married with Nia. The account was opened out of pure fleshly desires and just sinful curiosity.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

In other words, he basically justified what he did by saying it’s okay because God told him he’s forgiven. He shamelessly used his religion to absolve himself of wrongdoing by trying to convince everyone that God personally talked to him and said, “it’s all good.”

Rader goes on to use his hypocrisy to deliver a sermon about how humans aren’t perfect even though conservative “Christians” like him demand that everyone else be perfect or face God’s wrath. Earlier this summer, Rader was forced to remove a hateful video showing him and his wife teaching their young daughter that same-sex marriage is evil. Apparently, gay marriage is wrong according to Christian beliefs and deserves a one-way ticket straight to hell but cheating on your spouse is okay as long as you ask for forgiveness and then pretend God granted it to you.

He also lied, which is also a sin, when he said he opened the account prior to getting onto YouTube. Gawker points out that Rader opened the YouTube account his family uses to evangelize and get paid for it in 2007. Six years later, he opened the Ashley Madison account.

So there you have it. Once again, a holier than thou anti-gay bigot who makes money through online evangelism is nothing more than a dirty, greedy hypocrite who clearly doesn’t actually give a damn about real “family values.” He just cares about himself, and is only sorry that he got caught.

Featured image via Borderless News And Views