‘American Psycho, Donald Trump Edition,’ Perfectly Shows The Megalomania Behind The Billionaire (VIDEO)

The most horrifying thing about Donald Trump is not his hair, and it’s not even the way he insults everyone who isn’t white and male and many who are. The most horrifying thing about Trump is that he will do literally anything to advance his bank account and his ego, even if that means destroying those who get in his way.

The American zeitgeist, it seems, is anger. On the left, we’re angry that more than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, white supremacy is still the unwritten law of the land. We’re angry that the super rich are getting richer while everyone else is left to fight for the scraps. We’re angry that our elections are now for sale to the highest bidder. We’re angry that rights are being stripped away from women. We’re angry that prison is now considered the solution to most of our problems. Liberals support the people who they feel would offer solutions to the problems.

On the right, people are angry that the white male is (very slowly) losing his stranglehold on the culture. They think that is the cause of all their problems, hence, the Donald Trump revolution because conservatives understand just one concept: kicking ass.

The appeal of Donald Trump has nothing to do with ideas. The idea that he could do to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution what he does to anyone who stands in his way is absurd. The idea that he could have Mexico pay for a wall with a big beautiful door is inane (although he has no trouble having Mexican labor make his suits).

Image courtesy of Reddit user Alakazam318

Image courtesy of Reddit user Alakazam318

There is nothing genuine about Donald Trump. He doesn’t give a damn that your neighbor lost his job to India. He doesn’t care about a woman in San Francisco allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant. The only things Trump genuinely cares about are Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s bank account and Donald Trump’s ego and the next stop on his ego train is the presidency.

25 years ago, a documentary was made about Trump. It was all rather innocent in motive, since it was part of a series about American businessmen, but it became so unflattering that Trump threatened to sue everyone that showed the movie. He won. The movie was all but shut down. You can watch the entire film here for free.

If you want to wait till you have a free hour and 20 or so minutes, you can watch this trailer as Trump, American Psycho. Don’t watch it late at night, though – it will give you nightmares.

Here’s the clip:

Featured image via “Trump the Movie” screen capture.