Right-Wing Nutjob: ‘We Should Only Allow Immigrants From Christian Nations Into The U.S.’

A Christian Reconstructionist attorney, named Herb Titus, has waded into the mess of a debate over immigration and citizenship. Titus—who’s quite religious and clearly a dominionist—believes that birthright citizenship is unbiblical, and a direct attack on his god’s borders and his god himself. We cannot allow immigration from countries that aren’t based on Christian principles, in his warped mind.

According to Right Wing Watch, Titus appeared on right-wing nutjob Joyce Kaufman’s radio show in Florida. She said, to Titus, that birthright citizenship creates “a hostile environment for real American citizens,” because they’re a huge burden on the country, taking jobs and resources at the expense of “real” American citizens.

Titus replied by saying that immigrants, those who enter the U.S. and set up “cultural enclaves,” forget that the U.S. was founded on the Christian god’s laws and culture. Then he said:

“If all we have is people who come to the United States to set up an entirely different culture, as we have so much nowadays in America where people are setting up their little cultural enclaves, we’re no longer the United States of America, we’ve become a kind of multicultural society that’s based on I don’t know what, since we don’t know what the principles are that undergird this nation anymore.”

What principles are those? Titus and Kaufman have forgotten that we’re a nation of immigrants, who stole the land from indigenous peoples. However, since we’re here now, it’s all good, and we must adhere to a religion the founding fathers never intended to be a national religion.

Then Titus said:

“We’ve forgotten the law of nature and nature’s God and the very foundational principles in the Declaration of Independence, and that’s what unites us.”

Is it now? When are these dominionists going to figure out that they do, in fact, have to acknowledge and understand that not everybody thinks like they do? The sad and sorry truth is, they won’t, because they’re brainwashed.

We’re not forgetting anything. He has, however, forgotten that we’re not a Christian nation and we never were. Or perhaps he never knew that, depending on how long he’s been brainwashed.

What’s interesting is that, later on in the program, Kaufman complained about Middle Eastern immigrants. So they’re complaining about the brown immigrants. We don’t hear anything about the not-brown immigrants who come here, and then do things like overstay their visas. Is anybody even aware that those people are here, too? Oh, wait, they’re a) not brown, and b) in such small numbers that it’s not worth researching. Or that’s likely how they think about it.

The kicker, though, is where Titus said that our immigration policy has changed to allow just anyone to walk into this country. He said:

“We had a carefully designed policy for many years to allow as immigrants into the United States only those people from countries that have a Christian-principled culture.”

We did? Is he talking about the Chinese Exclusion Act, or is he talking about nationality quotas? Or something else? Regardless, that’s not anything like true. Prior to the Civil War, the U.S. had a very open immigration policy, because that allowed us to settle empty lands more quickly. Following WWI, we passed the National Origins Act, which set quotas at two percent of each nationality in the U.S., as of the 1890 census.

We did bar all Asians from emigrating back then, but that’s hardly barring everyone except “people from countries that have a Christian-principled culture.”

In the 1960s, we replaced the national origins quotas with preferences for uniting immigrant families and attracting skilled immigrants to the country. Ever since then, our immigration policies have slowly tightened. We still have one of the most open immigration policies in the world, but it was never more closed than it is now. This isn’t revisionist history that Titus is pushing. This is an outright lie.

But that’s about what we can expect from the dominionists. They twist history and law around to fit their religious doctrine, and they twist them so far that what they say becomes a flat-out lie. What’s scary is that people listen to these lies, and buy into them hook, line and sinker. What’s worse is that Titus is a lawyer, and he spouts this nonsense. He’s no better than fake historian David Barton.


Featured image created by Rika Christensen/Liberalistics