Jared Fogle’s Non-Profit Seems To Have Been Just A Fancy Way To See Kids Naked: Report

How awful is former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle? On a scale of one to “fake a non-profit organization just to get close to kids,” well, you can pretty much guess. Purportedly, the Jared Fogle Healthy Lifestyle Nationwide School Grant Program was built to combat childhood obesity, but it turns out the bulk of the money actually went to the Foundation’s former executive director, who is currently in jail on child pornography charges.

In 2008 when Jared formed the foundation, Jared “The Subway Guy” said that his non-profit would give $2 million to schools and community organizations to fight childhood obesity, a condition with which Jared himself suffered through adulthood until (out of sheer laziness) he began consuming Subway rather than less healthy fast food. But, according to tax records, the Jared Foundation has not issued one single grant, ever.

In fact, from 2009 through 2013, the Foundation spent just $73,000 on average with 60 percent going to former Executive Director Russell Taylor — who is currently awaiting trial for production and distribution of child pornography. Taylor appears to have used the foundation simply as a way to meet children, secretly taping children in his home with nanny cams hidden in clocks and other places. When Taylor’s home was searched in April, police discovered  “multiple video files of nude or partially nude minor children in bedrooms and a bathroom.” The tapes included the “exposed genitals or pubic area of the children” who  “did not appear to be aware that they were being filmed.”

The victims, about a dozen children between 9 and 16, frequently slept in Taylor’s home, where investigators found more than 400 child pornography videos. After Taylor’s arrest, Fogle denounced his former executive director:

 “I was shocked to learn of the allegations against Mr. Taylor and effective immediately, the Jared Foundation is severing all ties with Mr. Taylor.”

While still in his position at the foundation, Taylor was paid 60 percent of the foundation’s expenditures, while another 26 percent is unaccounted for. In addition, the foundation has not paid its $5 annual registration fee to the State of Indiana since 2008, the year the charitable work was slated to begin. Fogle and friends ignored delinquency notices for the paltry registration fee until 2012, when the Indiana Secretary of State dissolved the foundation, though it was still recognized by the IRS.

“If Jared was really interested in helping children through his foundation, he could have gotten more money,” said Daniel Borochoff, president of CharityWatch. “As with a lot of celebrities, the charity appears to be more about image-enhancement than charitable deeds.” But it was also a great way for Taylor and Fogle to meet children.

Court documents reveal that not only did Fogle and Taylor conspire to record the children, but that Fogle met several of them at social events in Indiana.

Fogle also traveled around the country having sex with prostitutes to screen them before asking that they procure minors for him. In 2012, for example, Fogle paid a 17-year-old girl for sex, texting her the next day asking if she could find him someone even younger and offering a finder’s fee. “The younger, the better,” he told the girl. Fogle had sex with prostitutes in numerous locations before asking them to find him children as young as 14 or 15.

The sandwich chain, which massively expanded, in part, thanks to Jared’s inspirational story of shedding 245 lbs eating an all-Subway diet while functioning as a porn kingpin at his college, issued a one-sentence statement distancing itself from Fogle:

“We no longer have a relationship with Jared, and have no further comment.”

A Subway franchisee says she warned the chain that Fogle should not be anywhere near children in 2008 after the pitchman admitted that he had sex with a 16-year-old girl, calling the experience “amazing” with multiple exclamation marks. Text messages reveal that Fogle pressured the franchisee to set him up with her 16-year-old cousin, asking “When can we find a time for me to talk to your cousin?” and “Any more news with your cousin?” and  “Tell me what u think about when u think of the three of us all together???”

After Fogle suggested that the woman advertise herself on Craigslist (with him paying to watch her have sex with random men), she asked Fogle if this was the same web site where he “found that 16 year old girl that you f*cked” and commented that $100 was quite a deal. Fogle informed her that  “It was amazing!!!!”

The woman reported the conversations to two levels of management at Subway’s corporate office, but never heard back. According to her lawyer, she “also specifically warned them that he should not be interacting with young people.”

Thanks to a plea agreement, Fogle is expected to serve no more than 13 years in prison, though he has agreed to ask for no fewer than five years in prison. He will also pay $100,000 to each of 14 victims. As for where the Foundation’s money went, that’s a mystery at the moment — but it certainly did not go to helping children fight obesity.

Featured image via Barstool Sports