Fox News Lies Obliterated By Latest Seattle MSA Jobs Report (IMAGES/VIDEO)

The latest jobs data for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue MSA are in. Instead of the huge losses that the right-wing promised would result from a minimum wage increase, what we see is exactly the opposite. In fact, in July the food service industry added 2,500 jobs, setting a historic record for the most restaurant sector jobs in a 30-day period.


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That’s two months of gains, instead of the “devastating losses” predicted by peddlers of trickle down economics. Between June and July, the Seattle MSA added 3,700 jobs in the restaurant sector. The total number of restaurant jobs rose from 133.4k to 137.1k, the highest number of jobs ever recorded in the food service industry sector.

Earlier in August we reported on some of the lies Fox News has been telling about the impact of Seattle’s minimum wage hike on the city’s food service industry.

The above charts show jobs data from the Seattle-Tacoma-Belleview reporting area (MSA). To be clear, the data shows information for Seattle and the surrounding areas, many of which have not raised the minimum wage.

As we stated here, this data doesn’t actually tell us much about the city of Seattle, as an isolated location. Since Fox News has consistently used the Seattle-Tacoma-Belleview MSA to make their dire predictions about the food service industry, however, it’s more than reasonable for us to use the same data to destroy their lies about minimum wage. Plus, we’re┬átelling you that the data is from the entire reporting area, not just Seattle, because unlike Fox, we believe in honest reporting.

Watch Fox blowhard Stewart Varney use data from the Seattle-Tacoma-Belleview MSA to make a slew of false claims about Seattle job losses in this segment, titled “Minimum Wage Hike Killing Jobs In Seattle?”

Note how many times Varney misrepresents the data as being exclusive to Seattle, when it’s actually from the entire statistical reporting area, which accounts for only 18 percent of the whole MSA.

(Video via Fox Business on YouTube.)

So while we can’t say that this new data conclusively proves that Seattle’s minimum wage hike is causing record job creation, we can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that it utterly destroys Fox News lies.

But then again, was there ever a time when facts didn’t utterly destroy Fox News lies?

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via Fox Business on youtube