Black Man Gets Stopped For Making ‘Direct Eye Contact’ With White Cop (VIDEO)

A Dayton police officer has admitted on video that the reason he followed a black man for almost two miles was because he made “direct eye contact” with him. The cop trailed behind him and waited for an excuse to make a legitimate stop. The reason the officer ended up giving? He claims Mr. Felton used his turn signal at a stop sign, but just before the required 100 feet rule.

John Felton and his passenger both did a good job at maintaining their composure during the traffic stop. He was respectful to the cop, but also well within his rights to question him. The cop most likely didn’t like the way the two looked in the car (driving while black) and wanted to pull up their information to see if they had any warrants. You apparently aren’t supposed to look at a cop and get away with it – not if you’re black.

This isn’t a police state. You have every right to look at the police. Come on now. Would this have happened to a white woman driving in a shiny new car, in a well-off neighborhood? Of course not.

Since the driver’s background came up clean, and because Mr. Felton was recording the entire incident, the cop didn’t want to write a citation, but still threatened to.

The unnamed police officer also asked Mr. Felton’s passenger for his identification. He stated that he had the right to identify who was in the car. This is utterly and unequivocally FALSE. There’s no other way to state it. Unless the cop suspected criminal wrongdoing on the part of the passenger, the cop had an obligation to limit the scope of the stop to its underlying justification.

Watch a police officer admit the real reason he pulled a guy over was because he gave him ‘direct eye contact.’

This is why I hate coming to Dayton. #DaytonPolice trailed me for almost 2 miles before pulling me over in front of my…

Posted by John Felton onĀ Saturday, August 15, 2015

Featured image via Facebook and screen capture