Forensic Analysis Shows Planned Parenthood Videos Were Altered

The videos created by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress were altered, according to a forensic analysis of the recordings by a third-party group.

Fusion GPS, a research and corporate intelligence company, was given the tapes, and their discoveries were revealed in a congressional hearing organized by Republicans to attack Planned Parenthood. They found that the video was so manipulated “they have no evidentiary value in a legal context and cannot be relied upon for any official inquiries.”

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Republicans from basing calls to defund the women’s health group based on the videos.

It goes on:

For example, Mr. Fredericks said recordings in Houston and Denver were each missing about 30 minutes of video, judging from time stamps and frame counters on the recordings.

The analysis also supported Planned Parenthood’s objection to two allegations that have elicited some of the most outrage from anti-abortion forces, disputing that Planned Parenthood staffers at one point say of fetal remains, “It’s a baby,” and in a second instance, “another boy.”

Since this smear campaign was launched, the entire operation has been suspicious. It has been used as a cover to once again enable the right to undermine a woman’s right to choose while also endangering the health of millions by threatening Planned Parenthood clinics.

The summary videos that the group released have also shown to be time and time again, carefully constructed false narratives designed to put Planned Parenthood in the worst light. At the same time, state probes into the group have repeatedly turned up no evidence of wrongdoing or flaws. The entire witch hunt has been built on falsehoods.

The people behind Center for Medical Progress have ties to the pro-terrorism extremes of the anti-abortion movement. They would stop at nothing to do whatever it takes to impede legal abortion access in America, and that involves altering the videos they are using as a central part of their smear campaign.

Featured image via Elizabeth Press