Karma: Republican Donor Who Made Fun Of Clinton Marriage Gets Caught With Ashley Madison Account

And the hits just keep on coming.

The Ashley Madison hack has been a treasure trove of information over the last month as conservative “Christian” hypocrites continue to be caught pursuing women who are not their spouses.

First, and most notably, it was Josh Duggar who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar mere months after being embroiled in a child molestation scandal that brought his family and their disgusting reality show down. A cheating scandal only added to the criticism and national embarrassment the Duggars have faced as they have gone from preaching “family values” to being a disgrace everyone wants to see go away.

Then conservative “Christian” vlogger Sam Rader, who also preaches “family values,” got caught with his very own Ashley Madison account, which he claims God has already forgiven him for.

And just this week, it was reported that 400 church leaders across the country are preparing for fallout after revelations that they also had Ashley Madison accounts. There’s still no word on how many of these hypocrites are anti-gay bigots who preach “family values,” but we’ll keep you posted.

But now yet another hypocrite has been caught with an Ashley Madison account, only this time he isn’t a preacher or conservative “Christian” reality show/Youtube star. This time, it’s a Republican donor who is discovering that karma always hunts you down.

Billionaire Republican donor Dan Loeb is a soulless hedge fund investor whose job it is to whine about taxes and bet against the American economy when it means profit and he’s also not very fond of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton.

After being an Ashley Madison member for a year, Loeb decided to post a “joke” on his Facebook page in May mocking Clinton’s marriage to Bill, who cheated on her during his time as president. Part of the “joke” included telling Hillary to divorce Bill and act like a real presidential candidate.

Here is an image of the now deleted “joke” via Politico.

Image via Politico

Image via Politico

Loeb has spent over a million dollars on the GOP, who publicly claim to be the party of “family values.” However, Loeb clearly doesn’t practice what his party preaches. They’re made for each other.

Of course, when Gawker asked for comment, Loeb sent them a message explaining away his account by claiming that he was merely curious about what it was and he signed up to find out.

“As my family, friends and business colleagues know, I am a prolific web surfer. Did I visit this site to see what it was all about? Absolutely – years ago, at the time I was invested in Yahoo and IAC and was endlessly curious about apps and websites. Did I ever engage or meet with anyone through this site? Never. That was never my intention — as evidenced by the fact that I never provided a credit card to set up an account.”

He could have just ran a search on Google if he was simply curious, but he didn’t. Instead he signed up with his name and birth date, but claimed to be six years younger than he actually is. Sounds like he wanted the women to think he was a much younger man. He also included in his profile that he was looking for “discreet fun with 9 or 10.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Loeb was searching for sex on the side at all.

When asked to explain this, Loeb said he was just looking for something to say that fit the site. However, Gawker also pointed out that Loeb continued to actively check the private messages on his account for eight months after creating it. Now why would a married man who claims to only be checking out a site out of curiosity remain on that site for over a year and check for messages from that site for eight straight months? It certainly sounds like Loeb’s excuse is full of holes and smells like bullshit.

Karma strikes once again.

Featured image via Facebook