Josh Duggar’s ‘Rehab’ Is Run By A Pastor Who Protected A Predator From Prosecution

After Josh Duggar’s teenage confession that he was a sexually deviant child molester, he was sent to a place where hard work and intense prayer were the cure for such behavior. Between that and his own declaration that God had forgiven him, the Duggars had themselves the perfect excuse for why they failed as parents and why Josh failed as a human being.

Their Christian fans ate it up, falling in line and supporting all things Duggar, even as the rest of the country cried foul and TLC cancelled their show. Through it all, the Duggars held firm that they were in the right. They even went so far as to pitch a new show where they would counsel sex abuse victims, because they’re such experts on the subject.

Unfortunately for the Duggars, the Gods of the internet weren’t as forgiving as the God of Abraham. As the Duggars scrambled to rebuild their empire of being rich and famous for nothing, hackers were downloading Josh’s credit card information from Ashley Madison. Two months after the fiasco began, just as things were settling down and the country was focusing on the idiocy that is Donald Trump, those words so many predicted finally came across our news feeds: Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison Account.

It didn’t stop there. Soon adult film star Danica Dillon revealed that Josh is a creepy little monster who likes it rough with no protection. Caught with his virtual pants around his ankles, Josh Duggar had no choice but to admit he had problems with sex and pornography, had been unfaithful to his wife and needed professional help.

This kind of help shows that Josh has learned nothing. That his family is still (mostly) supporting him shows that they have learned nothing. Josh will spend six months as an indentured servant at a religious retreat known as Reformers Unanimous, where he will work for free all day, study the bible all night and pray his sins away. Again.

Because it worked so well last time.

What’s worse is that the man who runs the facility, North Love Church Pastor Paul Kingsbury, reportedly helped a man accused of sexual assault evade prosecution in the United States by keeping him in a mission in Bolivia.

According to Patheos, a woman came forward with accusations of abuse in the 1990s on the campus of Bob Jones University against Richard DeVall, a missionary with the Baptist Pioneer Mission Agency. DeVall wrote her a nice little letter of apology, figuring that would be enough. The woman contacted the mission agency and was told that DeVall had fulfilled his penance by showing remorse and writing her a letter, and that they would protect him in “any way necessary” from facing charges in the United States.

Kingsbury’s North Love Church is the church that sponsored DeVall.

Josh will spend his days wishing he’d just fulfilled his fantasies in cheap motels using cash rather than leaving the credit card trail that landed him on a slave labor farm in the middle of nowhere where he’ll be taught to be even more hateful and ignorant than he already is.

Those silly Christian extremists. If only they weren’t constantly telling everyone else how immoral they are, nobody would give a damn. Hypocrisy is what slayed the Duggar monster, not sex.

Featured image via video screen capture