This Satirical White Advantage Commercial Is Infuriating ‘Not-Racist’ White People (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Last night, MTV managed to infuriate easily-offended white people across the nation by pointing out that white privilege is real. White Squad, a satirical group of professional white people, have set out to “help” black people who are victims of racial inequality. In a “commercial” aired during the Video Music Awards, a reassuring-sounding white man promises the firm will help solve all of black people’s very real problems in society.

“Is your skin color holding you back? Are you tired of systemic prejudice ruining your day?” the narrator asks before detailing the “white advantage services” available to African-Americans. According to the “commercial,” a “carefully-selected team of white representatives” will “act on behalf of people of color” where they need it most, acting as “stand-ins for life’s racially-unbalanced situations.” White Squad can help black people in a number of scenarios in which Caucasians just have an easier time:

  • Hailing a cab
  • Finding a better apartment
  • They’ll even appear in court for you, “giving you the full legal benefits of being a white person.”

The narrator promise that they have assembled a team of fully-prescreened white people to meet the needs of America’s disenfranchised — and they offer a 100 percent Advantage Guarantee, so that’s something.

After a brief testimonial featuring an African-American woman thanking the service for getting her a college scholarship, the narrator promises that “We’ll work for you.”

While the commercial is hilarious, the web site set up to “advertise” white squad’s services raises some sobering points — like that “white people are 10x more likely to get a housing loan” than people of color — even with identical financial history:

…Or that “white students are 40% more likely to receive a private scholarship” than others:

…Or that people of color pay up to THREE TIMES the interest on loans that a white person would:

Using White Squad is easy — just give them a call, schedule an appointment, and “A White Squad team member will act on your behalf so you can enjoy the advantages their appearance provides.”

Of course, white people are terribly offended that their privilege was highlighted:

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White Squad was produced by MTV’s “Look Different” campaign, which aims to expose biases of all kinds in America. MTV may be barely watchable, at best, the majority of the time, but this hilarious take on a not-so-funny reality could do a lot to at least get people to discuss white privilege. Watch the commercial, below:


Featured Image via White Squad