New Footage Shows Corrections Officers Ignoring Diabetic Man — He Later Died (VIDEO)

It becomes more and more apparent every day that our justice system oftentimes has a deep disrespect for human life. From unnecessary police brutality to the prison industrial complex, people are being seen as nothing more than objects in a game that is slowly being turned for profit.

To make matters even worse, once in prison, prisoners stand the chance of neglect, and ultimately, too often, their fate is death.

Nothing is a greater example of this than the recent death of Carlos Mercado at Rikers Island, New York City’s main prison.

Back in 2013, Mercado allegedly sold heroin to undercover officers and was subsequently arrested and brought to Rikers Island. Fifteen hours later, he was dead.

Upon intake to the prison, Mercado notified the officers that he was diabetic and he already wasn’t feeling well. It has also been noted that all through the night he had asked for medical treatment, but he was continually ignored. He was told that he was just “withdrawing” from drug use.

Mercado was even vomiting, something that happens when one’s blood sugar reaches unhealthy levels, and could be seen carrying his vomit around in a plastic bag. It was more than apparent that Mercado was very ill, but he was brushed off as nurses said he didn’t need immediate attention.

Mercado then died, and the autopsy report indicated that he passed away due to complications from diabetes.

The officers and staff at Rikers Island quite literally left Mercado to die.

This isn’t the first time New York City has let down a diabetic inmate. Back in 2006, Jose Vargas was taken in for a minor drug charge, but then denied his insulin. Being Type 1, this was devastating, and he suffered seizures and complications that have left him wheelchair bound and brain-damaged. He won a large settlement from the city in 2010, but the damage was done.

Mercado didn’t even get the chance for a settlement, and paid for the city’s neglect with his life.

None of this had to happen, NO ONE should be left to die because officers and staff at prison facilities fail to listen to inmates. Possession of narcotics should not be a death sentence. Prison reform and accountability needs to happen NOW.

Watch the newly released video footage obtained by the New York Times here:

Video/Image: New York Times