Rapist Leaves 2-Year-Old Victim In Pool Of Her Own Blood, Gets No Jail Time (VIDEO)

A plea deal made by Texas prosecutors means that the rapist who left a two-year-old girl in a pool of her own blood has been allowed to walk free, and avoid being placed on the sex offenders register.

The case centers on 29-year old Thomas Boden, who is alleged to have watched the three children of his girlfriend while she was at work on January 1, 2015.  In a Facebook post, the girls’ Aunt Ashley Springer claims that Boden arrived to pick her up from work in such a drunken state that she needed to drive them home. En route, she claims Boden became argumentative and eventually disembarked the car to walk home. Once home, police arrived on the scene to a domestic disturbance. While police were dealing with the family and Boden separately, Springer claims her two-year-old daughter:

“Annabelle started screaming like someone was killing her yelling, “my butt, my butt!” So I laid her down and opened her diaper to find an enormous amount of blood and a clear vaginal tear. The officers eyes got real big and he tried hard not to look but he didn’t know what to do. I asked Annabelle what happened and she said, “Tom hurt me with his hand.”

Later, a nurse examiner concluded that the child’s injuries were “consistent with a recent penetrative trauma…” and could not have been made by accident or by herself.

The victim’s siblings confirmed they had seen Boden hurting their sister while lying on top of her.

In April, Boden was indicted on one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child and one count of indecency with a child sexual contact.

While the case seemed like a slam dunk, there were major issues with securing a conviction. With the injured party too young to stand as a witness in a trial, and no adult witnesses, prosecutors faced the real threat of Boden getting off. Therefore, they chose to go for a plea deal in order to obtain a confession of guilt.

District Attorney Jason Ferguson allowed Boden to plea down to a felony charge of causing injury to a child with serious bodily injury, while dropping the other charges. This means that while Boden remains on 10 years deferred adjudication probation, he will not be placed on the sex offenders register or serve any jail time.

“It was a very difficult decision,” Ferguson said.

According to the victim’s aunt Ashley Springer, the family were not consulted about the plea deal at any stage. She told KIDY:

“We were not contacted about it. We weren’t asked how we wanted this to be done,”
“If it was their daughter, it wouldn’t have been done like this.”

On Monday, activists crowded a park in San Angelo to protest the decision, later taking their demonstration to the Tom Green County court house. The community join the victim’s family in utter disbelief that such a grievous crime could result in such limited consequences for the perpetrator.

You can see KIDY’s video footage of the case below:

Featured Image via KIDY