Texas Racist Vows To Kill Black Protesters In Revenge For Deputy’s Murder (VIDEO)

A disgusting video posted to YouTube on August 31 shows a middle-aged man threatening violence against black citizens, in revenge for the killing of Harris County, Texas sheriff’s deputy Daron Goforth.

The man identifies himself as Nathan Ener. He is, according to his Facebook page, a retired Texas department of corrections officer. On FacebookEner describes his current occupation as “bounty hunter.”

Ener starts the video by saying that he wants to talk about the murder of Deputy Goforth, by a “black thug,” as he describes the alleged killer. “It’s gonna end, and it’s gonna end with that,” Ener says. “That’s not gonna happen anymore.”

He goes on to say that the man who pulled the trigger isn’t the one who really killed the deputy. According to Ener, it was “these Black Panthers, these black thugs that comes to your town, and marches.”

Ener says:

“Don’t ever let a Black Panther, or any black group, come to your town, and march in that town, and get done, and be able to get in their vehicle, and leave.”

In most states, that statement could be considered “terroristic threatening.” But this is Texas, so who knows whether Ener can be charged with a crime.

It gets even worse. After that comment, Ener tells law enforcement that he and his undefined group of vigilantes will come to any town where there is going to be a protest by a group like #BlackLivesMatter. “Step aside,” he advises the police. “Do not try to stop us. Our fight is not with you. It’s for you.”

The next part of the video is a “tutorial” of sorts on how to stop protesters. Ener tells viewers to get a slingshot, and to fire rocks and other projectiles at protesters’ vehicles “to disable them.” He says that nobody has ever gone to jail for having a slingshot. But he doesn’t tell viewers that, depending on the projectile it is firing, a slingshot will do much more than damage a car, or “sting” a person. Projectiles fired from slingshots can cause serious injuries, even resembling gunshot wounds.

Ener says that if people do what he is telling them to do, there won’t be any more killings in Texas. Then he makes his first threat to commit murder. “There might be a killing, but it won’t be what you think. There won’t be no more cops killed in Texas,” he vows. After that threat, he says that he is “looking at video,” and getting the names and addresses of protesters. “We’re gonna hunt you sons of bitches down,” he says. Then he picks up a pump shotgun, racks it, and says that that will be the last sound protesters will hear when he comes into their house.

Finally, Ener comments on Sandra Bland, who died in police custody after a traffic stop. He calls Bland a “thug,” and tells people in Hempstead, Texas that they should not let the town rename a street after her. “We’re not gonna stoop that low,” he says.

Ener’s Facebook page tells you all you need to know about him. It’s filled with memes showing support for people like Michael Brown’s killer Darren Wilson, and outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy. It also explains why he keeps referring to “Black Panthers” in his video rant. Ener is apparently a big fan of Fox News, which has single handedly kept the Black Panthers alive, despite the fact that, for all intents and purposes, the organization disbanded in the early 1980’s.

A 2014 post said that Ener was self-employed, and included the comment, “Hunting down flag burners.” Ener’s posts and comments largely don’t show the racism he revealed in his video, but he was one of three people to “like” the comment below, which was posted under a story he shared that featured a graphic of Donald Trump, wearing boxing gloves, knocking out Al Sharpton.

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Here’s a challenge for right-wingers. Watch the video below, via YouTube, then tell us how there is no racism in America any more.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture and Facebook