Louisiana Cop Outed As KKK Member Refuses To Resign Because He’s ‘Been Baptized’

A photo of Lake Arthur, Louisiana police detective Raymond Mott, taken at a KKK rally last year, made its way onto the internet this week. The image shows the officer wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform, while issuing a Nazi salute.

The Jennings Daily News published the photo.

On Saturday Mott confirmed that this picture of him was taken at a KKK rally, held in Troy, North Carolina last August.

image credit: Jennings Daily News

image credit: Jennings Daily News

When confronted about the image, Mott first tried to say that he was working undercover for the FBI at the time the photo was taken. He then recanted that story, saying that he attended the rally of his own free will. Next, Mott claimed that the photo was leaked as retaliation, and it’s all because he told the KKK he wouldn’t participate in their rallies anymore. He has yet to explain why he would want to quit the KKK, when he still insists that there was nothing wrong with his participation in the first place.

Lake Arthur police chief Ray Marcantel is giving the officer until September 2 to resign from the police force. Mott refuses to leave voluntarily. In a statement to Jennings Daily News the officer stated that the KKK isn’t racist. It’s just about opposing illegal immigration.

“I am not going to quit my job because I made a decision to support a cause I thought was right at the time – illegal immigration not racism.”

Mott says he can’t be fired because he’s been baptized and he has the documents to prove it. No, seriously.

What’s more, he says he’s joined the one profession on earth that attracts the most crooks, con artists and white supremacists, like himself:

“I have been baptized – after the events and have the documents to prove that – and a short while after my baptism, I have become an ordained minister and started a charity-based ministry in Lake Arthur.”

Of course the Ku Klux Klan also represents itself as a Christian organization, as does the American Nazi Party, the League of the South and pretty much every other white supremacist organization in Amerikkka.

Having been baptized in the name of white Jesus isn’t a legal or civil defense for anything. If it were, no member of the KKK, no Nazi, or white supremacist, or homophobic bigot, or right wing nut of any flavor would be ever be fired for racist activity. They all claim Jesus is the reason for their bigotry and hate.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch reports that Mott has made more arrests than any other officer on the police force. Because of Mott’s racist activity, all of those arrests are now suspect. The District Attorney’s office is currently reviewing all cases that the detective was involved in.

There’s no doubt that Mott violated the public trust, or that he continues to violate it by telling lie after lie in an attempt to justify his racist activity. Unfortunately Mott cannot be fired without a vote of the Town Council.

Chief Mercantel said he’d hoped that the officer would resign voluntarily, because:

“I thought it would be easier on everyone involved, including him. I felt this was the best thing for the department and the people of Lake Arthur.”

Mott is threatening to sue, although he does not have a leg to stand on. A public servant must be worthy of the public trust. This guy is definitely not. His conduct is unbecoming of an officer of the law. He needs to be fired. It’s the only way to make sure that he will not be hired by some other police department, in some other town.

*Featured image via Jennings Daily News