A Biden-Warren Ticket? Murmurings Amongst Dem Strategists Say It’s Possible

Hillary Clinton is still the front-runner of the Democratic primary, with Bernie Sanders close behind. As the Democrats face an interesting primary season to come, something else on the horizon may fan the flames this election season– a Biden-Warren ticket, perhaps?

Could this be a liberal dream ticket?

We all know one thing: Elizabeth Warren is not running for President of the United States. But, could she run for vice president? Should Joe Biden make her his running mate? That’s possible, according to some Democratic strategists.

Strategists Scott Ferson and Larry Rasky speculate this may be the deal, considering Biden’s meetings with the populist Senator as he ponders a run for the White House. A Biden-Warren ticket would mix what Ferson calls “Uncle Joe realism” and “Elizabeth Warren populism” that could very well lead to a Democratic victory in 2016:

“If what we’re lacking in the Democratic Party is excitement, it certainly would excite a significant portion of the Democratic base. A Biden-Warren ticket would trump Hillary Clinton’s inevitability. … The only way to beat inevitability is to provide something that’s more exciting.”

And exciting it would be. Since being elected to the Senate in 2012, Democrats have been pushing for Elizabeth Warren to run for president, saying her liberal populism that attracts the left and the middle is exactly what the country needs. A campaign started by MoveOn.org called “Run Warren Run” raised over one million dollars to draft the Senator for president, but disbanded earlier in June.

Biden faces an uphill battle for the presidency against Clinton, who has far out-raised all candidates in the Democratic field. Biden will also face issues with organization and overcoming his infamous “gaffes.”

This could shake up the Democratic primary unlike any other. The majority of Democrats back Clinton still, but support for Sanders is on a sharp rise. What will happen if the Democrat’s favorite female senator joins forces with the Vice President? The plot thickens.

These are just murmurings. In politics, nothing is ever set in stone. Warren supporters should try not to get too excited and the same goes for Biden supporters. But keep your eyes and ears open. Imagine having “Vice President Elizabeth Warren.” Who knows, maybe that’s a stepping stone for a future Madame President?

Featured image via screen capture of a Warren hearing