Desperate Jeb Bush Says He Will Back Donald Trump: ‘We Need To Win’ (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush knows the Republican party will probably suffer an embarrassing loss this election and is getting increasingly nervous and desperate.

During a Thursday interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the Republican presidential hopeful said he would stand behind fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump, despite the fact that Trump has done nothing but routinely shred Bush in the press since his campaign launch. Bush, when asked if he would back Trump if the business mogul won the Republican nomination for the 2016 election, said:

“I would, of course. We need to be unified. We need to win.”

Trump has literally spent weeks making fun of the former Florida governor, calling him “low-energy”, insulting his wife and mocking him for speaking Spanish. While Bush has just recently started to push back at Trump, his comebacks have been lackluster and polite compared to his rival’s controversial remarks, aside from this recent attack ad.

When calling on Trump to be more diplomatic and tone down his racist remarks on immigration and Latinos, Bush acknowledged that insulting an entire demographic was not a good strategy with voters. Bush said:

“I think Donald Trump trying to insult his way to the presidency is not going to work. People want an uplifting, hopeful message.

People come to this country to pursue their dreams, sometimes they start without speaking English, but they learn English and they add vitality to our country.”

He continued that it might benefit Trump to “figure out a way to lessen the divisive language, the hurtful language and talk about the aspirations of the American people, rather than trying to prey on their fears.”

You can watch the interview below, in which Bush also tried to criticize Trump’s ‘policies’:

With frontrunner Trump gaining the support of almost 31% of Republicans versus Bush’s almost 12%, Bush may not have much of a choice. Trump’s success in the polls could actually force several GOP candidates to voice their support for a man who has insulted them and has made their party look like a circus. Recently, the Republican National Committee asked its presidential candidates to sign a loyalty pledge in which they vow to stand behind whichever candidate wins the nomination. The committee is clearly nervous that Trump will run as an independent if he is not treated fairly by the Republicans, and this pledge would rule out that option.

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore and Jeb Bush Facebook page