Texas Sheriff Claims His Power Comes From God, Wants to Get Rid Of ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’

What is going on with the conservative right today? On one hand, they want people to disobey the law of the land in Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis’s case because “religious liberty” is more important than protecting a couple’s right to marry. And, on the other you have a Texas sheriff claiming that you must respect his lawful authority because the Bible commands it.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks wrote an op-ed in the Herald-Banner newspaper, saying precisely this, among other things.

“Due to recent events, I can no longer be silent concerning what our country allows. It is amazing to me that the criminals who break into our homes and steal from us, those who sell drugs to our children, those who abuse innocent and defenseless children, those who rape our wives and daughters, those who commit cold-blooded murders are all innocent until proven guilty.

Yet, law enforcement officers are found guilty as soon as it ‘appears’ that the officer has done something wrong. Way before the whole incident can be reviewed and the TRUTH obtained, that officer is found guilty and nobody cares what the facts are. This folks, is a travesty!”

Sheriff Meeks is no doubt venting his frustration in retaliation to the massive media backlash his department is receiving. One of his deputies received a flurry of negative publicity for punching a pregnant woman, which unfortunately for them was all captured on video.

Meeks continued with his rant about how this was a “godless nation” and that God himself establishes his right to rule in his position.

“Guess where that authority comes from to law enforcement? It comes from God,” Meeks wrote. “Read Romans 13:1 in the Bible. And while you are at it, you folks in Ferguson, Baltimore, Arlington and here, take a Gander at Romans 13:2.”

The King James version of Romans 13:1 reads:

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

He’s not a pastor; he’s a law enforcement officer elected by the voters every four years. His power comes from the people, not God. And, that power is not absolute.

If God elected him, why does he have a campaign website?

Hundreds are calling on the Sheriff to resign for his disasterous handling of the Iraqi war veteran case. Also, in 2011 Hunt County Attorney Joel Littlefield thought Meek’s was “breaking the law” when it was found out that he was soliciting donations from people, the “same people who were subject to investigation by him.”

Despite all this, he ended his editorial claiming that cops need to “hang in there” – in spite of the “ignorance of some people.”

Ignorant people, sheesh.

Featured image via libertyblitzkreig