Kim Davis Supporters Held A Rally And It Was An Absolute Trainwreck (IMAGES)

For some, the knowledge that everything in the country isn’t catered specifically to your religious beliefs is a tough pill to swallow. Having grown accustomed to getting their way, conservative Christians are finding it hard to adjust to a world in which they aren’t the center of attention and their beliefs don’t trump those of other people in the eyes of the law. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems the legalization of same-sex marriage was the last straw.

Conservative Christians are losing all perspective.

Perhaps realizing that beggars can’t be choosers, the religious right has latched onto the imprisonment of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis and lauded her as a modern-day folk hero. Divorced three times, an “adulterer,” and only very recently a Christian, Davis isn’t the perfect symbol, but she’ll have to do. Davis’s heroic feats? Ignoring the law that required her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, then ignoring a judge who told her to follow the law, then ignoring the Supreme Court who told her to listen to the judge.

Spurned on by political hucksters like Mike Huckabee, conservatives who have been outraged over gay marriage all summer but haven’t had an outlet to express it flocked to Kentucky to #StandwithKimDavis and rally behind her anti-gay beliefs. It should come as no surprise to see that the rally for this “martyr” quickly turned into an anti-gay, pro-Theocracy shitshow– and New York Times reporter Richard Fausset captured all of it on Twitter.

There were astounding levels of irony on display, of course, like this sign that demanded the governor “do [his] job or resign.”

There was refreshing – if troubling – honesty, like the guy who called intolerance “a beautiful thing.”

There was Kim Davis hero worship.

And more hero worship.

And still more hero worship.

There were also frequent appeals to God. The group seemed to be certain that America’s laws come from Christianity and not the government. Appeals to theocracy were everywhere.

And whatever this was supposed to be.

And LOTS of homophobia…

You can find more pictures on Fausset’s Twitter page. The examples just keep pouring in.

Huckabee’s own rally is planned for Tuesday. If these early protests are any indication, it will be an absolute mess – but extremely revealing, too. Kim Davis represents all the ground the right has lost in recent years. No longer able to deny gay people the right to get married, what expressions of intolerance do they have left? While they were busy fighting the war on Christmas at their local retail store, they lost the war against the oppression they had once taken for granted. Signs like “Kim Davis for President” are the last, desperate cry of the already-defeated. If it feels like they aren’t living in their country any more that’s because they aren’t. They now have to live in a country that has moved beyond them, while they were busy listening to Glenn Beck on the radio.

Feature image via Richard Fausset/Twitter