Dick Cheney Gets Embarrassed on T.V., Reminded Iran’s Proliferation Happened On His Watch (VIDEO)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney did a good job embarrassing himself on Sunday when he appeared on Fox News and tried to blame President Obama for Iran’s nuclear proliferation program. He was there trying to promote his new book, Exceptionalism, which is where he compares Obama’s treatment of Iran to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasing of Hitler during WWII.

Instead, it backfired on him in a big way.

Fox Host Chris Wallace reminded him, for the second time in a row, that Iran went from having zero uranium enrichment centrifuges to 5,000 of them by the time he and Bush left office.

Chris Wallace: “So in fairness, didn’t you leave — the Bush-Cheney administration — leave President Obama with a mess?”

Cheney: “I don’t think of it that way. There was military action that had an impact on the Iranians; it was when we took down Saddam Hussein. There was a period of time when they stopped their program because they were scared that what we did to Saddam, we were going to do to them next.

Chris Wallace: “But, the centrifuges went from zero to 5,000.”

Cheney: “Well, they may have well have gone but that happened on Obama’s watch, not on our watch.”

Chris Wallace: “No, no, no. By 2009, they were at 5,000.”

Cheney: “Right. But, I think we did…uhh…a lot to deal with the arms control problem in the Middle East.”


This is where Cheney tries to dig himself out of a hole. Instead of elaborating on what the Bush administration did to keep Iran from getting closer to a nuclear weapon, he pivots and says, among other things, that they at least “started the negotiations process.”

Good job, Dick.

In his interview, not only did Cheney call the United States a “loser,” but tried to place blame on Obama for something that happened under his watch.

The real truth is the invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration strengthened Iran’s hand in the region. Remember, Saddam Hussein was a bitter enemy of Iran until Bush and Cheney did them a big favor by taking Saddam out of power. The Iraqi regime that took the former dictator’s place has a far better relationship with them now.

Cheney can’t dodge the facts. Under eight years of Bush, Iran’s nuclear program increased 5000 fold. President Obama inherited this mess. He made a deal with Iran to put this process to a halt while Bush and Cheney sat on the sidelines and did nothing.

Watch Dick Cheney get called out for trying to blame Iran’s nuclear proliferation on Obama when it actually happened under his watch:

Featured image via video screen capture.