Hillary Clinton Apologizes To The Stupid People Who Are Confused About Her Email System (VIDEO)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say down with Andrea Mitchell on Friday and apologized to all of the idiots who have fed into the Republican Party’s “Hillary Email Scandal.” The Democratic presidential candidate politely answered Mitchell’s questions about the “scandal” and told her that she’s sorry it’s “confusing” for some of America’s more ignorant citizens.

Mitchell started the interview by asking Clinton why she deleted the emails in the first place:

“Why did you wipe the server clean, even after you knew that a congressional committee, or more committees, were investigating and why delete the 30 thousand or so emails were deemed personal and how did you determine what to delete or what not to delete.”

Republicans have everyone believing that Clinton just deleted a bunch of classified emails to save her own ass. They manufactured yet another scandal and the mainstream “liberal” media picked it up and ran with it. Clinton explained that she didn’t just randomly delete the emails. She told Mitchell that the State Department asked the former Secretaries of State, all of them, to help with their records. So Clinton asked her lawyers to go through her emails and send all of the work related ones as requested; so, that’s what her lawyers did.

“If they thought anything was connected, in fact, so inclusive the State Department has returned 1200 emails because they were totally personal. At the end of that process, again following the request of the State Department, they had to print out all those emails that were work related. It ended up being 55,000 pages. Those were delivered to the State Department.

She went on to explain that after the emails were sorted and only personal ones were left, the lawyers asked her if she wanted to keep them and she told them to go ahead and delete them. “But that doesn’t change what we were asked to do and how even the State Department said we sent them things that they don’t believe they should’ve gotten,” she explained.

The right has everyone believing that she was wrong for sorting through the emails, when in fact, the State Department are the ones who asked her team to do it. Mitchell went on to ask why she had a personal email system, was it “to keep reporters or investigating committees away?”

“Well I had a personal email, I had a personal email when I was in the Senate as the vast majority of Senators do. It was very convienant…that’s why I’m so careful about classified information, as has been confirmed repeatedly, by the Inspectors General over and over, I did not send or receive any material marked classified.”

She went on to say that classified material was either handled in person or on secured phone lines:

I dealt with it in person, I dealt with it in secure phone lines, I had the traveling team, the technical team that went with me…I take classified material very, very seriously and we followed all the rules on classified material….when a Freedom of Information request asks, that information be made public, all the agencies get to weigh in and what you’re hearing from other agencies is: It wasn’t classified at the time, but now we think it should be….So, again, it’s confusing and that’s why I’m trying to do a better job of explaining it to the American people.”

That is another right-wing email scandal talking point blown to pieces. Republicans are convinced that she destroyed documents related to the hyped up, Benghazi “scandal.” But, she would not have been talking about Benghazi in email, because it would have been classified information as it was unfolding. Anybody who thinks the Secretary of State is logging onto Gmail to chat about a security crisis is a fool.

Mitchell asked Clinton if the American public should be worried about her ability to make sound decisions after this, Hillary responded:

Well I don’t think so…┬áthe State Department has everything that they could have. So, at the end of the day, I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all of these questions and I will continue to provide those answers; and those answers have been confirmed and affirmed by the State Department and by other government officials. Eventually, I’ll get to testify in public and I’m sure it will be a long and grueling there, but all the questions will be answered. And I take responsibility, it wasn’t the best choice.

This has only been confusing to the people too stupid to understand that the┬áState Department has already cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing. The people who are still asking questions are the ones who have listened to the media and the right-wing talk about investigations and Congressional hearings, blahblahblah. It’s the same nonsense that fueled the Benghazi hoopla.

She is being polite, but you can tell that she is sick and tired of responding to the dumbf*ckery coming from the right. They are so afraid of her, that they have been making up stories for years. The right-wing knows that they do not stand a chance against her, so they are doing everything they possibly can to discredit her. Hell, they released their first 2016 attack ad in 2013 and Clinton was the target. Unfortunately for them, the people with brains in this country, will not fall for their transparent, meritless attacks.

Watch the interview below:

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